Top 20 Best Selling Kits Safety (2021)

Medique 40061 61 piece First aid kit Developed for all consumers, the Medique portable clamshell first aid kit (model 40061) is great to keep in your car, under the kitchen sink, or in your workshop. It is also useful for sports teams and work place s ... more info

The AAA 121-piece Road Trip First Aid Kit includes first aid instructions, scissors, tweezers, 4 vinyl gloves (2 pair), 1 whistle, 10 cotton tip applicators, 3 sting relief pads, 9 antispetic towelettes, 20 alcohol prep pads, 2 triangular bandage, 1 5 x 9 ... more info

Avin HandyBar is a 3-in-1 automotive safety tool that allows the user to easily sit or stand safely while entering or exiting their vehicle, offering support and protecting from falls. It fits securely into either the passenger or driver side of the door ... more info

AAA COMMUTER 85 PIECE FIRST AID KIT INCLUDES: First aid instructions, scissors, tweezers, 2 vinyl gloves (1 pair), 1 whistle, 3 sting relief pads,6 antispetic towelettes,14 alcohol prep pads, 1 triangular bandage, 1 5 x 9 combine dressing, 20 3/8 x 1 1/ ... more info

Loopo Seatbelt Tension Adjuster The perfect device for when you need a little slack on your seatbelt. Pack of Two. ... more info

Travel with this well stocked kit stowed in your trunk for greater security on the road. The AAA 42 piece emergency road assistance kit includes: 1 AAA car care guide, 1 AAA membership brochure, 1 8-gauge booster cable, 1 flashlight, 2 AA batteries, 1 eme ... more info

Drive in safety and comfort! Free Your neck with the Frankie! Pack of 2. ... more info

Bell Automotive's Covered Emergency Road Kit arms you with the tools necessary in the event of roadside troubles. For compact and convenient storage, all the items come in a durable bag with an integrated warning triangle, adjustable internal compartments ... more info

The CarCaddie attaches to the frame of most car doors, and offers balancing support for persons entering or leaving their cars. Adjustable strap is made of quality nylon for long-lasting use. Can be adjusted to accommodate varying window heights. Soft, cu ... more info

The FlareAlertTM is as simple as it gets!!! No fire, no fumes, no fuss!!! And none of the hidden costs associated with incendiary flares (damaged streets and uniforms, injured personnel, etc.). The FlareAlertTM also saves you from the hassle of dealing w ... more info

Each has 5 super bright LEDs. 7 Functions for emergency signaling: All LEDs on, flashing slow, flashing fast, left to right, right to left, fast left to right, left to right then right to left. ... more info

Harness sets are designed for use with a sub-strap. Use of harness set without sub-strap can cause serious injuries. The sub-strap holds the harness buckle in place over the pelvis area and helps prevent the driver from sliding down in the seat. The pelvi ... more info

Drive in safety and comfort! Free Your neck with the Frankie! Pack of 2. ... more info

LED Color: WHITE Plugs right into RVs in seconds. This type of conversion allows the LEDS to point down in the correct direction you need the light to be, not up against the top. Comes with 3 adapters: BA15S/ T10 /Adjustable Festoon adapter which will fit ... more info

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