Top 20 Best Selling Kitchen Sink Aerators Kitchen Fixtures (2021)

Proven leader in fabric protection. Repels liquids and blocks stains. Strong protection pushes spills away from fabric fibers so stains release easily. Won't change the look, feel or breathability of fabrics. Safe to use on delicate and dry clean only fab ... more info

Our faucets and their parts are guaranteed for a lifetime, but just in case you'd like to make some repairs on your own we've made some parts available for you to order. ... more info

Travel the world like it's your own backyard with this compact, easy to use voltage adapter. Featuring world-wide compatibility, the adapter works in over 150 countries with just a few simple adjustments ! Contains two adapter blocks that can be used ... more info

Double Swivel SuperSpray by Whedon is a high quality aerator that offers strong water flow and swivels for best cleaning function. ... more info

Air gap body with cover The air gap completely covers clamping collar and prevents the buildup of dirt. The body is made of polypropylene. Complements KOHLER faucet finishes ... more info

Maxwell 3 pc. set includes 1 each-24-Inch Towel Bar 26-1/4-Inch L by 2-3/4-Inch W by 3-Inch H. Towel Ring 5-3/4-Inch L by 2-3/4-Inch W by 7-Inch H. Euro TP Holder 4-1/2-Inch L by 2-3/4-Inch W by 3-Inch H. ... more info

Converts standard faucet spout with 15/16 outside threads or 55/64 inside threads to 3/4 Male hose threads. With washers. Chrome. ... more info

* High pressure 0.5 GPM flow rate * Flow control construction of long lasting Celcon plastic * Innovative dual-thread system to accommodate both male and female applications * Saves 77% more water and energy then a standard 2.2 GPM aerator - that's 18,615 ... more info

LASCO 09-1607 Faucet, Adapter, Female To Female. Chrome plated brass. Aerator X Aerator. 55/64-Inch - 27 female X 15/16-Inch -27 Female. Used to adapt various aerator threads. Lead free product, meets California AB-1953, Vermont, and new federal standards ... more info

Sensitivity to pressure changes, combined with its ability to consistently open and close, is what distinguishes the Oatey Sure-Vent AAV from all others. Superior engineering along with stringent quality standards ensure a lifetime of unmatched performanc ... more info

The Kwik Sip turns any faucet into a drinking fountain - and back - at the push of a button! Imagine having a personal water fountain - in your own bathroom sink! Kwik Sip enables you to discard the dirty bathroom cup (that should be washed after each use ... more info

Delta air gap Polyethylene body 1 5/8 diameter brass cap 2 1/8 long brass cap 5/8 dishwasher inlet 7/8 outlet ... more info

The 24VAC power adapter will provide power to the LS-60(i) and LS-90(i) from any standard electrical outlet.  This can be used if you do not have an existing C-Wire coming up from your furnace to your thermostat.  This transformer converts 110VAC to 24VAC ... more info

LASCO 09-1661NL Faucet, Adapter, Kit, No Lead, Three Piece. Chrome plated brass. Aerator X Aerator. Includes [3] adapters and washers to adapt 15/16-Inch-27 male to 3/4-Inch-27 male and 13/16-Inch-27 female thread. Used to adapt various aerator threads. L ... more info

WHEDON DELUXE SUPERSPRAY SPRAY & STREAM AERATOR * Great for kitchen faucets * Complies with No Lead laws * 2.2 Gpm maximum flow * Provides forceful spray or aerated stream * Swivels for wider sink area coverage * Includes flow control lever, easily cuts f ... more info

Product Features: Constructed of brass ensuring durability and dependability Covered under Danze's limited lifetime warranty High quality finish – will resist rust and corrosion through everyday use Height: 2-7/16 Depth (Projection): 1-3/4 Secure mounting ... more info

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