Top 20 Best Selling Keyed Padlocks Padlocks & Hasps (2021)

Master Lock 646T 2-pack of 13/16-inch wide die cast set your own combination luggage locks.Steel shackle for cut resistance. ... more info

If you're still hiding your spare keys under the doormat, it's time for a better, more secure solution. The Master Lock 5400D Key Safe is a hanging unit that securely holds up to five keys. Compact and durable, this key safe will open only when you enter ... more info

Secure, Reliable Key StorageTrustworthy and secure, the 5401D Key Safe offers a convenient locking solution that holds up to five house or car keys. Great for people on the go, the 5401D means you'll always know exactly where your keys are. And for added ... more info

Master Lock 140D 1-9/16-inch solid body padlock. Hardened steel shackle for superior cut resistance. 4-pin cylinder helps prevent picking. ... more info

The Master Lock 1469DAT 5/8 Heavy Duty Receiver Lock features an extended length shaft that fits trucks with heavy duty tow packages. This stainless steel barbell lock fits 5/8-inch receiver openings, and is rated for Class III/IV receivers and loads up ... more info

The Pelican 1506 TSA Lock is a special TSA-accepted lock that fits any Pelican case. TSA personnel can safely lock and unlock your case, while keeping your valuables secure. For your convenience, you can choose from thousands of combinations. ... more info

Master Lock 120T 2-pack 3/4-inch solid body padlocks. Two pack of locks are keyed alike. With standard steel shackle and three-pin tumbler security. Master Lock offers a full line of padlocks, chains, cables, and specialty locks for all of your needs. ... more info

Master Lock 140Q solid body padlock 1-9/16-inch (mm) wide body. Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Keyed alike, same keys open all four locks. ... more info

Quality padlocks from the world鈥檚 largest padlock manufacturer, Master Lock. All Master Lock padlocks are individually tested for strength and durability, and each offers a limited lifetime guarantee. U.S.A., Shackle size 5/16-inch, lock width 2 inches an ... more info

The items you ordered will be shipped from China directly. It will be shipped out in 1-2 business day by China Air Mail when we receive your order. The arrival time is 5-20 business days to United States usually. If you want to cancel your order, please i ... more info

Master Lock 120Q 4-pack of 3/4-inch wide solid body padlocks are keyed alike in the setup of 4. With standard steel shackle and three-pin tumbler security. Master Lock offers a full line of padlocks, chains, cables, and specialty locks for all of your nee ... more info

Master Lock 4689Q TSA approved lock is 1-inch (25mm). Great multi pack for family traveling. This lock set comes with four locks with matching Mini Fusion-style colored key head. This lock comes in four bright colors. Pink, Silver, Blue and Purple. Co ... more info

Master Lock 4684T luggage lock comes in Neon Green, Orange, Pink, or Purple, 2-Pack. Color is selected at the time of shipment, customer cannot specify color choice. Allows TSA screeners to inspect and relock baggage without damaging the lock. Bright col ... more info

Master Lock 90TRISPT gun lock. Keyed alike, same key opens all three locks. The world standard in trigger lock design. Special rubber pads protect gun's finish from marring and scratching. ... more info

Master Lock 187XD 2-5/16-inch wide black titanium series padlock is reinforced for maximum strenght. Bolt cutter tought and crowbar resistant hardened steel shrouded shackle offers extreme cut and pry resistance. ... more info

Master Lock 3009D warded padlock 1-1/2-inch (38mm) wide body. Keyed alike, same key opens all four locks. Steel shackle provides strong cut resistance. Single locking lever. Warded locking mechanism minimizes jamming from dirt and grime. ... more info

This padlock is made of iron with a brass keyhole cover. The lock is about 3 tall and 1 7/8 wide. The lock comes with two skeleton keys. They keys are about 2 long. The lock has a rustic finish. This padlock is fully functional with an old-style locking m ... more info

The Master Lock Fortress Laminated Steel Pin Tumbler Padlock is 1-1/2-inch wide with a laminated steel body and four-pin tumbler security. It is keyed differently with a 1-1/2-inch shackle. Other features include case hardened steel shackles. Master Lock ... more info

Master Lock 380T Rust-Oleum protected padlock. Keyed alike, same key opens both locks. Hardened steel shackle for superior cut resistance. Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance. ... more info

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