Top 20 Best Selling Kayaking Kayak Hardware (2020)

Seattle Sports Scupper Plugs keep water out of most sit-on-top kayak scupper drains. These glow-in-the-dark silicone scuppers feature a tapered, flexible design that is easy to push into most scupper drains. Sold as a pair. ... more info

NRS custom-manufactures its 1in Tie-Down Straps to a tensile strength of 1500lb, then dips these straps in UV-blocking solution so the Tie-Downs won't wither away and flake-out after a season of use. Die-cast aluminum buckles cinch down and apply pressure ... more info

G/flex Epoxy Adhesive belongs in every boater's repair kit. Get a waterproof, flexible bond on plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. The 650-8 kit gives you two 4 oz. bottles of the liquid epoxy. The 650-8 kit contains 4 oz. each of viscous liquid G/flex 65 ... more info

Kayak 18 Foot Braces - PairPart #: 11941-2Ligthtweight design fits both sit in and sit on top style kayaks. Trigger lock design allow for easy adjustment. Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern that works in a variety of kayaks.Mounting hardware is ... more info

High quality seat with full back support designed to give you ultimate comfort. Fully adjustible for a perfect fit ... more info

For flotation bags to work properly, they need to be secured within the canoe. Lash kits allow you to weave a “web” of cord over the end or center bags to keep them in place. Kits attach to gunwales; no need to drill holes in hull of canoe. ... more info

Exact replacement for broken or lost Ocean Kayak bow or stern carry handle. Minimal easy snap-together assembly required. ... more info

Exact replacement for broken or lost Old Town kayak bow or stern carry handles. Minimal easy snap-together assembly required. ... more info

Hate the cold water running down your paddle shaft and onto your hands and arms? Easily mounted drip rings fit over take-apart paddles and catch those irritating drips. ... more info

GTS Elite Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat - With deep molded center panels contrasting with the surrounding black padding, the GTS Elite Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat looks like it belongs in a high-end sports car rather than a kayak. The sculpted, curving 18' tall backres ... more info

Full size economical seat designed to give you long lasting comfort for a value! Comes with a rear attaching gear bag as standard. ... more info

Bungee cord deck rigging installed on the deck of a kayak provides an easy way to secure often-needed items from spare paddles to dry bags to clothing, etc. ... more info

Tie-downs are a basic safety requirement for transporting canoes and kayaks. The high strength SpeedLine is our newest and lowest priced ratchet system which provides excellent stability for your roof top investment. With built-in spring loaded carabineer ... more info

The Kayak Hammock is a simple mounting, independent lift control system for your canoe or kayak. With a 200 pound capacity, this product will revolutionize how you organize and store your investments. ... more info

Hobie ST Turbo Fin Kit V2 2014 - Take your Hobie MirageDrive kayak to a faster level. The ST TurboFin Kit V2 will boost your cruising and sprinting speeds with these bigger, sleeker fins. This kit is compatible with all Hobie MirageDrive kayaks. . Model Y ... more info

Comfortable low cost alternative for a full seat. ... more info

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