Top 20 Best Selling Joinery Router Bits (2021) Reviews

Top rated joinery router bits made by high quality brands Freud, MLCS, CMT, Yonico, Whiteside, Bosch etc.

An industry leader for over 50 years, the Freud name equals quality, precision and craftsmanship. Freud router bits feature Freud made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life. Each bit is individually balanced, giving a cut above the rest. Trim ... more info

3 flute, micrograin carbide-tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. The double 1/4? cutter makes the tongue, and the single 1/4? slot cutter cuts the groove. 1-7/8 Large Diameter. 3/4 Cut Height. 1/2 Cut Depth. 1/2 Shank. ... more info

Add a solid wood edge to the ends of your plywood or MDF shelving for a neat, finished look. The tongue and groove design provides for an extremely durable joint. This set can also be used in the place of conventional tongue & groove joints where a perfec ... more info

Application: Provides a stronger joint by increasing the surface area for glue. Plane boards to a uniform thickness; align bit to the center of the board, then reverse each board for a perfect glue joint. Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwood ... more info

This set will cut perfectly fitting (v-groove) tongue & groove joints ideal for flooring and wainscot paneling. Tongue & groove joints give extra gluing surface for extra-strong joints. Bits are industrial quality carbide tipped, 2 flute and have premium ... more info

WHITESIDE MACHINE 6705A CARBIDE-TIP 3-WING SLOTTER 1-7/8 DIA X 5/16 BORE X 1/8 (.125) KERF ... more info

Comes with interchangeable bearings to cut rabbets of different depths. Produces super smooth cuts on both surfaces of the rabbet. Can be used for joining boards or for letting in back panels. Depth of rabbet can be altered by changing bearing. 32-504 ... more info

Produces grooves 1/8 to 9/16 deep. Bodies are heat treated for strength and computer balanced for vibration-free operation. Features Freud's kickback-reducing design for added safety. Includes three wing slotting cutter, arbor and ball bearing. Applic ... more info

Cut perfectly fitted tongue and groove joints. Ideal for wood flooring, wainscot paneling and shaker style panel doors. Set includes separate tongue and groove bits eliminating reassembly for each cut. Use with 3/4 stock. Highest quality, 3 wing carbide c ... more info

Use the reversible 45掳 lock miter glue joint router bit to join boards at 90掳. The interlocking 45掳 cuts will produce extremely strong joints without having to struggle to keep the boards in place during clamping. Additionally, it will provide extra gluin ... more info

Produces a strong joint for edge gluing boards for raised panels.Joining surfaces are at an angle, not vertical so you won't see dark lines like those created by standard finger joint bits.Bit does not have to be centered in the wood.Simply raise or lower ... more info

WHITESIDE MACHINE 605 6 PC 1/2 SHANK INCRA ROUTER BIT SET C/O #1058 #1062 #D9-376 #D14-55 #D7-625 AND #D7-750-1/4 USE FOR LARGER DOVETAILS ... more info

Provides smooth, intricate dovetail joints. Compatible with many popular dovetailing jigs. Application: Cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and soft wood. Use on CNC and other automatic routers as well as hand-held and table-mounted por ... more info

The lock miter joint is perfect for a long list of right angle or parallel joints: boxes, stretcher bars, frames, edge-to-edge glue-ups and more. In fact, these bits are so popular that we now offer two sizes, allowing you to mill joints in stock as thi ... more info

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