Top 20 Best Selling Jew’s Harps Wind Instruments (2021)

This instrument is known by many names. Most commonly it is referred to as a Jews Harp. Other terms used include Jaw Harp and Juice Harp. The Juice Harp is played by holding the instrument between the teeth and or lips. You then pluck the metal reed with ... more info

Vietnamese Brass Hmong Harps (Dan Moi) Beginner - Most Easiest Jew's Harp Export Use - To Europe and US, High Quality Model. More Loudly - Dinamic Sound,Enough to Loud Bass and Melody - Wide range of play. Sapa - Mecca of Hmong ... more info

Length: 5.8cm, Width: 4.1cmThe Jews Harp is an instrument of no rules yet an amazing amount of sounds and fun packed into an incredibly neat little package.A small lyre-shaped folk instrument of uncertain age and origin that was commonly used in Europe in ... more info

Add some bluegrass twang to your playing with this Jawharp, also knowsn as a Jews Harp, Juice Harp, Mouth Organ or twanger. This quality musical instrument is made from steel and comes complete with a cotton carry bag! Vintage antique style Jaw Harp is on ... more info

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Play one of the world's oldest instruments with this jaw harp. This fun mouth harp is made out of metal amd meaures approx. 4x2.5x1. A great toy to add to your collection for hours of fun and entertainment! ... more info

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