Top 20 Best Selling Isolation Transformers Batteries, Chargers & Accessories (2021)

1000 watts max, converts 220/240 to 110/120 volt, Power cord with built-in European grounded plug, Safety Fuse Protected, continuous use metal cased transformer Heavy Duty Grounded step down transformer for continuous use To use North American 110 volt ap ... more info

plug in transformer used for burglar/fire alarm systems ,magnectic locks,door buzzers,releases.heavy power supplies. ... more info

HONEYWELL 40 VA STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER *Converts 120V to 24V *Foot plate knockout mounting *120 primary voltage, screw terminals connections on secondary circuit *9 leadwire connections *Provides power to 24 vac circuits in heating / cooling systems *Inten ... more info

Maximum capacity 1500 Watts. This voltage converter can be used in 110 volt countries and 220 volt countries. It will convert from 220-230-240 volts to 110-117-120 volts and vice versa. There are three outputs on the front of this unit. Two outputs are th ... more info

This AC-3000 convenient step up/down transformer allows user to utilize 110VAC appliances in countries that have 220VAC power, and vice versa. Features a heavy-duty transformer for safety and reliability, on/off switch with indicator light, sturdy metal c ... more info

Bandwidth 5-900MHz UHF-VHF-FM. Includes protective weather boot ... more info

Eliminate the electrical noise and hum caused by ground loops with this ground loop isolator. These problems typically occur when multiple components receive power from different locations. This isolator solves that problem by providing ground path isolat ... more info

This adaptor is designed to match 600R output impedance to 2.5K input impedance. It may be used to connect a microphone to a portable recording device, camcorder, or PC. ... more info

The plug-in AC transformers come in several sizes, the largest with an output rating of 50 VA. They have a case mounting tab to keep them secured to the wall outlet, and screw terminals for power lead wires. This series of transformers have built-in therm ... more info

Product description: The LET-301 electronic transformer has a max load of 300聽watts, 聽an input of 120v聽聽and an output level is 11.7v . Features an electronic internal reset-enabled protection. Auto heat regulation that automatically acts as overload prote ... more info

The Lennox Industries, Inc. 78H5501 Transformer is a replacement part that's compatible with models: 78RGF4-100, 78RGF4-125, 78UGF2X-50, 78UGF3-50, UGF3-75, UGF4-100 and replaced by 78H55. ... more info

This adapter is the perfect accessory for powering any of our 12V DC LED lighting products that draw any amount of power up to 60 watts. This adapter can be used outdoors and can get wet without problem, making it an excellent, reliable choice for outdoor ... more info

2000W Step Up & Down Japan Transformer Heavy duty for continuous use. This voltage converter can be used in 120 volt countries and 100 volt countries. It will convert from 120 volt to 100 volt AND from 100 volt to 120 volt. Features On and Off swi ... more info

Stop speaker hum due to the effects of ground loops; an easy connection via standard 3.5mm cables ... more info

Honeywell HZ322K Multistage TrueZONE Zoning Kit.聽聽 Includes TrueZONE HZ322K Panel for conventional or heat pump applications (2H/2C).聽 Also includes discharge air sensor and transformer.Zoning Made EffortlessIf you've ever installed a zoning system by set ... more info

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