Top 20 Best Selling Irish Software (2021)

Connect with the world. Learn language fundamentals from greetings and introductions to simple questions and answers. Give and get directions, tell time, and dine out. Share your opinions, and talk about everyday life: your interests, your work, current e ... more info

Acoustic side project by members of Celtic Thunder ... more info

In the Rosetta Stone Level 1-3 Set you will connect with the world around you. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Quickly gain the confidence to enjoy social interactions – greetings and introductions, travel, d ... more info

Instant Immersion is fun and easy to use! It is the perfect way to learn a new language for travel, business or school. Instant Immersion Level 1 uses natural image association techniques to help you learn as easily as you learned your first language. Lea ... more info

Each lesson follows a simple and effective three-step process: 1. Build your vocabulary base with the integrated Byki learning engine. Create custom vocabulary lists from Premium's lesson content. 2. Explore native language texts, videos, and stories a ... more info

You'd like to learn but don't have the time or motivation for an evening class? This is the course for you! Fun to use software together with an Audio CD and a book make it one of the best courses for learning Irish on the market. Within 2 months a typica ... more info

World Talk is aimed at intermediate level learners who have already built up some confidence listening to and speaking their target language. The interactive games and quizzes will help to further develop fluency and understanding of the language. There ... more info

Speak & Learn Irish is the fast, fun, and easy way to start speaking with confidence! Over 700 words and phrases with strong visuals and animations that help you learn quickly. In Learn Mode, animations and graphics show you the meanings of words and phra ... more info

CD-ROM for Windows/Macintosh. Learn hundreds of new words in 13 foreign languages. Has built-in word lists in 13 foreign languages, organized into separate categories. Also includes 10 City Travel Tour Bonus (See the sights, use the native language), and ... more info

Foreign language learning with Rosetta Stone Irish Levels 1, 2&3 you connect with the world around you. With level one you begin learning fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure, from greetings and introductions to simple questions and th ... more info

Foreign language learning with Rosetta Stone Irish Level 1 with Audio Companion includes everything you need to begin learning a new language—from grammar and vocabulary to basic sentence structure. It’s the foundation upon which your language-learning jo ... more info

IrishNow! Deluxe with 4 language-learning Titles and 2 additional learning tools ... more info

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