Top 20 Best Selling International Publications Russia Magazines (2021)

A full-color illustrated monthly about prominent persons, exotic places, uncommon travels and exciting adventures. ... more info

This premier men's magazine addresses the people, places, ideas and issues that shape men's personal expression, development and experiences. Each issue features fashion, journalism, contemporary fiction and service articles on fitness, grooming and healt ... more info

Popular science and science and arts magazine. ... more info

This is a modern magazine for children aged 6-12. It contains tales, poems, short stories, do-it- yourself projects, crossword puzzles, stories about art, contests and quizzes for the whole family. ... more info

The magazine is devoted to history of ballet, its new productions, performing tours in Russia and abroad, festivals, competitions, profiles of its personages, rules and methods in teaching choreography. ... more info

As with every edition of Vogue, the Russian edition includes fashion, health, beauty, and travel features, along with pictorial spreads of local models and articles specifically relevant to Russian readers. ... more info

A Russian-language publication featuring a variety of information of interest to the modern woman. Covers fashion, cosmetics, cooking, travel and more. ... more info

Science, technology and medicine sensations. Discoveries, inventions, and patents. Collection of mysterious cases, riddles of forgotten civilizations. ... more info

Russian science and math magazine for children. ... more info

Russian edition of the fashion magazine. ... more info

Published in Russian. A popular scientific magazine filled with valuable information for the entire family. ... more info

Advances in automotive industry around the world. Automotive industry news, car testing, events in the automotive world, history. ... more info

Published in Russian. A children's magazine filled with art, poems, and stories by famous Russian artists and writers. ... more info

A Russian-language publication featuring abstracts, synopses and bibliographic descriptions for every document published in series, books, dissertations, patent documents and deposited research works. ... more info

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