Top 20 Best Selling International Publications Japan Magazines (2021)

Brutus is a Japanese magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Toyko. ... more info

Japanese fashion magazine covering the Harajuku Free Style of the city Harajuku, the youth culture capital. Each issue is packed with photographs and articles on all the latest fashions for young people, from imported jeans to shirts with English phrases ... more info

An academic journal dealing with all aspects of Japanese culture; especially literature, history, religion and art. ... more info

Art direction, print ads, photography, illustration, typography, packaging and posters exhibit design. ... more info

Japanese magazine covering trendsetting fashions and styles. It includes the latest designs in shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and more. ... more info

Myojo is a Japanese literary magazine focused on Japanese popular culture, books, entertainment, and the intersection of art and technology. ... more info

Publication covering women's news from the North, East, West, and South. Articles cover what women want and desire. Printed in the Japanese language. ... more info

A Japanese men s magazine with regular features on entertainment, fashion, pop culture, technology, and travel. ... more info

Spur magazine covers all aspects of English equestrian sport. ... more info

JJ is a Japanese fashion magazine targeted toward young, female college students and office ladies. Issues include articles on shopping, fashion, dining recommendations, beauty, and the latest trends. ... more info

Popteen is a monthly teenage fashion magazine published in Japan. The magazine is famous for having a user-model business-model where its readers become models in the magazine. It is notable for its coverage of Ganguro fashions. ... more info

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