Top 20 Best Selling International Publications Israel Magazines (2021)

The Friday edition of the Daily Jerusalem Post. The Post has been covering the region for 74 years through the lows and highs, the wars and peace agreements, tragedies and festivities. The Jerusalem Post serves as a bridge between Israel and the Diaspora ... more info

Issues and events about the Middle East, Israel, and the Jewish Community. ... more info

Includes articles on ancient history, Biblical archaeology, preliminary excavation reports, special discoveries and finds. ... more info

Explores Israel's ancient cultures, peoples and landscapes through pages of articles and photography. ... more info

The Palestine-Israeli Journal is an independent quarterly that aims to shed light on, and analyze freely and critically, the complex issues dividing Isrealis and Palestinians. ... more info

Includes clinical and research articles in veterinary science. ... more info

Israeli publication, printed in Arabic, concentrating on issues of human rights and the situation of Arabs in Israel. ... more info

Israel High-Tech & Investment Report is a newsletter covering all areas of technology & investments in Israel. ... more info

Concerned with water in all its aspects. ... more info

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