Top 20 Best Selling International Publications Austria Magazines (2021)

Collection of worldwide advertising campaigns, print, poster & TV. ... more info

News in the mathematical world, book reviews of new mathematical books and personalities. ... more info

Includes facts on the history of church music, notable organ builders and organs, new built organs and restoration and review of performances. ... more info

Published by the organization representing the Austrian Midwives, to announce and relate to the public the messages of the organization and the local offices, as well as forthcoming educational events. Contains information in the professional area, the l ... more info

Expressly dedicated to international contemporary photography with no commitment to a narrow programme of photography as art but with the intention to be a platform for artistic and theoretical work in and about photography. ... more info

Rolling Pin Jobs & Business is a German-language cooking magazine that contains recipes, interviews and profiles of famous chefs, tips and techniques, equipment reviews, career opportunities, and more. ... more info

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