Top 20 Best Selling International Law & Relations Magazines (2021)

Deals with the latest developments in arms control negotiations and national security. Provides updates on the nuclear arsenals of the superpowers. ... more info

This journal is dedicated to enhancing alternative discourse on a wide range of theoretical issues in peace research and improving our knowledge in the quest for peace. In addition, it wishes to address strategies to deal with local, regional, or global p ... more info

A Russian-language publication of official texts of international treaties. Features international treaties and agreements signed by the RF that are in force. ... more info

Seeks to replace violence, war, racism and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace and justice. ... more info

A Russian-language publication containing summaries of Russian customs operation, commentaries of legislation by specialists, international experience and arbitration practice. ... more info

Provides examinations and reports of developments leading to stronger international law, federalism (global and regional) and stronger UN. News of local, national and international people's movements for world federalism. ... more info

Peace News is written and produced by & for activists, campaigners, & radical academics from all over the world. It reports on changes made at the grassroots level & covers individuals and groups that are discovering & making use of their power in effecti ... more info

Covers topics relating to the part of law administered between citizens on an international level, and which are concerned with definition, regulation and enforcement of rights where both rights and obligation devolve upon private citizens. ... more info

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