Top 20 Best Selling Instrument Dynamic Microphones (2021)

Comes with microphone and XLR-1/4inch cable. Click here for a larger image Uses XLR for high quality audio output Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld Microphone The PDMIC58 is a professional moving coil dynamic handheld microphone. Translati ... more info

The Shure SM57 is a fixture in the music business. You see it everywhere. In small clubs and 100,000 seat stadiums. This renowned mic is used by legendary performers and the latest up-and-comers. What you may not have seen are the thousands of SM57s at w ... more info

Stage 7 - Seven-piece drum mic pack: The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, with intergrated clips, one D19 dyanmic snare drum mic, with intergrated clip, and 2 C9 instrument c ... more info

Mounts Shure drum microphones such as the SM57, Beta57, PG57, and other end address microphones to the side of a drum for compact and accurate drum mic placement. ... more info

The ES-57 Professional Microphones were designed to sound just like the standard in the industry, the Shure SM57. If you like the Shure SM-57, you will LOVE these GLS Audio ES-57 mics. ... more info

Refill for Noligraph 5-line music staff writer pen (B0046S0O4E) ... more info

PDMIK2 is a professional quality microphone at an affordable price Uses XLR for high quality audio output. Comes with XLR-1/4-iunch cable Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld Microphone This unidirectional, dynamic handheld microphone is perfe ... more info

E602 Bass Drum, Bass Guitar, Tuba Microphone. Cardioid Microphone. Published by Sennheiser. The Sennheiser e602 II is a cardioid instrument microphone especially suitable for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs, tubas and other low frequency instruments ... more info

Everything you need to start mic'ing up a kick drum for the stage or in the studio! This specially priced package contains (1) Audix D6 Kick Drum Mic (with soft case and mic clip), (1) Ultimate Support low-profile to support and position the D6, and (1) 2 ... more info

The D聽112 has earned a well-deserved reputation worldwide as the best kick drum microphone ever made. Heavy-footed drummers won鈥檛 faze it, because the D 112 handles up to 160 dB SPL with no audible distortion. A specially engineered diaphragm with a very ... more info

The DP5A is a pre-packaged set of five premium dynamic microphones for live sound and recording. The microphones in this kit work in tandem to capture the explosive sound of drums and percussion naturally and without distortion. Also included in the kit a ... more info

The Shure SM81 is a high-quality, unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. Its wide frequency response, low noise characteristics, and low RF susceptibility have made it a standard for appli ... more info

The Shure Beta 52A is a high output dynamic microphone with a tailored frequency response designed specifically for kick drums and other bass instruments. It provides superb attack and punch, and delivers studio quality sound even at extremely high sound ... more info

If you've been wondering what's the right microphone for guitar cabs, then congratulations, you've found it. Based on the mythic Sennheiser 409, the e906 gives your amp that super-present, in-your-face sound responsible for more that a fair share of the g ... more info

This Audix D6 Bundle is specifically for miking a Kick Drum, it includes a nice and sturdy mini Boom Stand by On Stage and 20' XLR Cable by Hot Wires, The Audix D6 is an excellent choice for miking the Kick Drum, it delivers a huge kick drum sound with gr ... more info

DSR Audio Equipment only provides Top Of The Line standards for all instrument accessories. The affordable and essential drum mic pacakge tailored for performers of every level The cardioid polar pattern can effectively avoid unwanted noise and feedback ... more info

The e604 is a robust microphone for close-miking drums, brass and woodwind instruments, capable of handling very high sound pressure levels in excess of 160dB. Delivered with drum clip for attachment to the rim of a drum. ... more info

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