Top 20 Best Selling Inline Skates Racing Skates (2020)

The Kinetic 78 is designed for new skaters and intermediate skaters who use skating as a fun activity to do with their friends and families. The Kinetics F.B.I. Frame is built with a composite material that absorbs road vibration and is lower to the groun ... more info

5th Element Lynx LX Womens Inline Skates 2014 - Literally the best bang for your buck, the 5th Element Lynx LX Inline Skates are a slick looking, stylish and well constructed skate when you're looking to go out and have fun while perfecting your skills. I ... more info

Comfortable, stable and reliable. A true Rollerblade quality skate loaded with key features and technology. Great value-perfect for the first time skater. ... more info

Roller Derby AERIO Q 80 Inline Skates - The Aerio Q-80 Mens Inline Semi-soft Skate creates maximum comfort with memory foam padding for a personal fit. The cam level buckle with a power strip retains your confidence and success of a strong secure stride. ... more info

Roller Derby Ventura 950-ZX Inline Skates - The Ventura 950-ZX from Roller Derby is a great buy for people who are beginner to intermediate inline skaters and want to reach the next level. At its price point the 950-ZX has some pretty attractive options. ... more info

Roller Derby Aerio Q 90 Womens Inline Skates - The Aerio Q-90 Womens Inline Semi-soft Skate gives you a quality advanced level boot. Having PU comfort performance foam and a cam level buckle with a power strap provides the rider with a light and strong st ... more info

The F.I.T. 80 Alu and Andra are fitness skates for the new skaters who want to buy one skate for their fitness pursuits and not have to worry about upgrading. Outfitting these with a DC Aluminum frame maximizes a skater's power transfer, translating all o ... more info

Our best selling all purpose skate rewarding the user with superior comfort and performance. Stable design provides great maneuverability while dampening vibration on rough surfaces. Perfect upgrade from older small wheel skates or low-end products. ... more info

Roller Derby Skate Corp has been the leader in producing skate products for over 80 years. We are America's Skate Company. Our skates are designed to perform as well as they look. See our general and sizing information at ... more info

Rollerblade Spark 80 Alu Inline Skates 2014 - That next leisurely skate along the road by the lake or an early morning workout through the local park requires a skate that meets your demands for comfort, fit and performance. The Rollerblade Spark 80 Alu I ... more info

The F.I.T. 84 Boa and Alexis Boa are designed to meet the needs of the fitness purest. The result is a masterpiece in terms of comfort and performance. Dialed in with the Boa Closure System, these K2 Soft boots can be fine tuned while you are skating to p ... more info

Everything and active female skater needs. Superior comfort and performance with the NEW Double Wrap upper and memory foam liner. The new Low-Balance frame is light, incredibly strong and provides great stability while dampening vibration. ... more info

Rollerblade Spark 84 Inline Skates - The Rollerblade Spark 84 Inline Skates are a cross between style and performance without compromising either one. If you want performance, support and comfort in your recreational skates then there is no need to look f ... more info

The F.I.T. X Pro and Alexis X Pro feature K2's Fitness Hi-Lo Technology that utilizes a wheel configuration of two 80mm wheels in the front and two 84mm wheels in the rear. This design allows for an agile, maneuverable skate that is stable with speed and ... more info

Rollerblade Macroblade 84 Alu Inline Skates 2014 - When skating is more than just recreational and when you want a little style with your skates, the Rollerblade Macroblade 84 Alu Inline Skates are what you're going to want. Designed for support and comfo ... more info

5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates 2014 - If you're looking for a solid pair of comfortable skates then the 5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates are the ones for you. Priced just right with a ton of features to provide you with stellar performance, ther ... more info

Roller Derby Super Sport SS-900 Inline Skates - The Roller Derby Super Sport SS-900 inline skates are great for beginner to intermediate skaters. The maximum comfort inside with memory foam will keep feet comfortable and the cam level buckle with power st ... more info

Fitness Recreational Rollerblade庐 Recreational skates appeal to all levels of skating abilities. The wide variety of products in this collection helps build confidence for the novice by providing the right amount of support, speed and control as well as u ... more info

Bladerunner Formula 82 Inline Skates - The Bladerunner Formula 82 Inline Skates are sleek and stylish that combine performance with comfort, support and value. Bladerunner products are built with everything that counts for comfort, performance and durabil ... more info

This hybrid skate, designed for advanced to expert skaters, features a Performance Hi-Lo chassis that is fast, stable and low to the ground. It's the best of both fitness and training skates and provides the skater with the perfect blend of fit and perfor ... more info

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