Top 20 Best Selling Inductors Passive Components (2021)

The Inductor In-Line Duct Fan solves air delivery problems without major system rework or expense. Double crimped for easy flex duct installation. Duct Diameter: 6 Unit Weight: 4.5 Lbs. Max Boosted CFM: 250 Free Air CFM: 160 Amps: 0.35 Housing Length: 6 d ... more info

package include: 1UH, 2.2UH, 3.3UH, 4.7UH, 6.8UH, 10UH, 15UH, 22UH, 33UH, 47UH, 100UH, 150UH, 220UH, 330UH, 470UH, 680UH, 1MH, 2.2MH, 3.3MH, 4.7MH Color Wheel Inductor Components Package: 20 Values x 10pcs=200pcs, Total 200 Pieces (Each 10). ... more info

High grade laminated I core inductors are a perfect lower cost alternative for providing large inductance values with low DC resistance and efficient power transfer. Wound with 18 gauge wire to 卤5% tolerance, these I core inductors will easily handle 250 ... more info

Fixed Inductors SIMPLE SWITCHER IND ... more info

Material: Plug-ABS resin, Strap-Alloy plating, Polyester, Charm-Dutch clover, Epoxy resin, Acrylic plate ... more info

The Jantzen 15 gauge air core inductors offer low DCR and top-quality construction. High purity copper wire and a special baking process ensure optimum performance. ... more info

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