Top 20 Best Selling Indexable Inserts Cutting Tools (2021)

Fantastic Macaron packaging clear insert for 9 macarons for 210SAMRED120, 210BBOITE188F and 210BBOXATLASF. Quantity: 25 individual inserts Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.3 x 0.8聽inch ... more info

Cobra carbide turning inserts used on a wide range of materials triangle with chipbreaker and for turning and finishing on a wide range of materials. Screw-on style insert. Single sided for semi-finishing and finishing. 7 Degrees relief angle. Multi layer ... more info

Rectangular Macaron packaging insert for 12 macarons for 210KRAY155, 210SAMRED160 and 210BBOXATLASF. Quantity: 25 individual inserts Dimensions: 6 x 5.4 x 0.8聽inch ... more info

Finishing chipbreaker universal insert type. MTCVD TiCN coated grade with a thicker Al203 low stress aluminium layer provides maximum thermal and chemical protection. Wide application range in different steels, from low carbon through to low and high allo ... more info

The BlueSwarf MetalMax Milling Optimization Kit tests and analyzes impact performance data to maximize tool life and productivity on end mills and milling cutters with diameters of 3/8 (10 mm) and larger. The kit includes all components required to colle ... more info

Negative 80 degree diamond shim seats for CNMK 432, CNMG 432, CNMF 432, CNMR 432, CNMM 432, CNML 432, CNMY 432 and CNMU 432 inserts. Measures 1/2 length by 3/16 thick. 3/64 Radius. ... more info

Dorian Tool HP-High Performance 0 degrees ANSI negative general purpose insert. The DUC25UT grade, has a balanced substrate composition between hard and tough, and wear and shock resistant, with a Multi Layer of CVD TiN/TiCN/Al2O3/TiN, makes this grade be ... more info

Finishing chipbreaker universal insert type. A PVD coated cermet. Very high wear resistance and good edge toughness. For finishing and semi-finishing of low carbon and low alloyed steels. To be used when good surface quality is demanded at medium to high ... more info

CoroThread 266 is a threading concept for all types of threads. Designed with an iLock interface to combat extreme forces placed upon the insert during threading operations, this tool guarantees excellent insert stability for ultimate accuracy, improved s ... more info

This listing is for a set of 5 HSS Center Drills It includes 1 each of sizes #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 Each drill has a double end and is ground with a standard 60 degree included angle The set includes 1 each of the following sizes: #1 with 3 ... more info

General tooth form is designed to handle a range of sizes. Three cutting edges. Negative rake. C style hole. Torx screw locking system. OD and ID threading. Left and right direction. 60 degree V thread. Applicable for carbon steel and alloy steel. ... more info

Cobra Carbide turning inserts can be used for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing proportionate to the size and the nose radius of the insert. Combo pin and clamp insert. 0 degrees relief angle. Double sided used for medium to heavy cuts. 80 degrees di ... more info

Insert Cavitron Ultrasonic P100 25KHZ Scaler Furcaton Slim Line #100 Straight Angled Metal Handle Insert Bonart P-100 series - external water flow insert CD100-4580 Bonart P-100 series - Straight angle slim external water flow insert The P-100 series i ... more info

0-Degree Lead Angle For Boring and Facing, 11掳 Relief | Use TPGP inserts ... more info

Pricing is for 1 pack of 10 inserts. ... more info

The Sandvik Coromant TNMG GC235 indexable turning insert with a choice of MR or QM chipbreaker style has a triangle shape with a 60-degree cutting angle, providing shock resistance without limiting wear resistance for roughing to finishing of stainless ... more info

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