Top 20 Best Selling Incense Incense & Incense Holders (2021)

Up for sale is this set of 12 incense sticks by Satya. Each package has 15 gram. This are the scents that you will receive: 1) Sunrise 2) Romance 3) Fortune 4) Rain Forest 5) Celestial 6) Super Hit 7) Nag Champa 8) Jasmine Blossom 9) Mid ... more info

Perfect for those who love white sage but don't want to burn a lot of it at once, each of these packs comes with three mini white sage smudge sticks. Each pack comes with three smudge sticks that measure approximately 4-6 in length, and 1 - 1 1/2 in diame ... more info

This wonderfully scented dried White Sage is used for smudging and cleansing. The White Sage (Salvia apiana) is native to California. Every Bundle is hand-tied and dried. Enjoy our fresh Sage today!!! ... more info

Incense sticks from the makers of the original Nag Champa. Six different scents! One 15 gram box of each of the following: Nag Champa Super Hit, Celestial, Midnight, Patchouli Forest, Sandalwood, and Sunrise. 15 grams is approximately 15 sticks of pure h ... more info

A traditional Masala incense. Hand-rolled from the finest oils, powders, gums, and resins available. ... more info

Hem Incense is the world's most popular incense stick. Used by millions everyday around the world. ... more info

Our 11 inch incense sticks are handmade out of natural fiber. We soak each stick for a minimum of 48 hours in our premium True Goddess brand fragrance oil. Each stick will burn for over an hour, and the scent is long lasting. Our sticks are not made until ... more info

Hand-made Lavender and Sage smudge stick - 5 inches long. Smudging is a simple ritual to cleanse, balance or purify yourself, a room, your friends, or pets. Smudge sticks were commonly used by the indigenous peoples of North America. This smudge stick ... more info

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