Top 20 Best Selling Ignition Testers Diagnostic & Test Tools (2021)

Worth it's weight in gold when a 2- or 4-cycle gas engine won't start, because the first thing you need to determine is whether the problem is no-spark/ignition or fuel supply/mixture. We were fooled ONCE into using a screwdriver to make the spark jump fr ... more info

Features: Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine. Tester verifies that energy is sufficient for spark plug to fire. Attach spark plug wire to tester end. Clamp tester to engine as ground. Crank engine and ch ... more info

The Lubricheck can pay for itself in just one saved oil change! Like a Blood Tester for the oil in your car, truck, motorcycle, etc., the Lubricheck can help measure the health of your engine. A few drops of oil placed on the Lubricheck sensor from a dips ... more info

NEW IN BOX XENON LAMP TIMING LIGHT WITH DIAL ADVANCE Set timing advance without a degree scale on your engine. Simply set the advance on the timing light and align the timing mark to the TDC indicator on your engine. * 60掳 advance dial makes it ea ... more info

Adjust carburetors or injectors with a translucent spark plug while the engine is running. The Colortune allows you to watch the flame in the combustion chamber as adjustments are made. ... more info

GTC Smartach+ wireless ignition analyzer and tachometer 's unique and proprietary technology allows the user to perform quick and reliable diagnostics of non-starts, misfires, fouled up or damaged spark plugs and/or spark plug wires, by comparing digital ... more info

Easily Tests An MSD 6/7/8-Series Ignition Control. Test The Ignition And Coil Operation. Load Producing Clip-On Spark Plug. Has LCD Display For Rpm. Test RPM Limits And Shift Lights. Test Tachometer. Operates On 4/6/8 Cyl Engines Up To 16000 RPM. ... more info

ADJUSTABLE SPARK GAP TESTER Sealed 8 cylinder Heavy duty wire for mounting in any position Helps reduce possibility of igniting gas fumes Light smoke colored Suggested extension wires ordered separately ... more info

Provides an Easy Way to Check Ignition Systems with Coil-On Plugs. Applications Include Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Nissan and More. ... more info

The AMPRO T71240 High Energy Ignition Spark Tester checks spark without starting the engine. It measures standard, electronic or DIS kV. The AMPRO T71240 High Energy Ignition Spark Tester is designed to determine coil voltage and prevent high energy spark ... more info

Wilmar W84600 High Energy Ignition Tester Checks for spark in no Start condition. Tests standard, electronic or DIS KV systems. Designed to prevent high energy sparks arching directly to any ground. ... more info

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