Top 20 Best Selling IGBT Transistors (2022)

This is a Genuine Replacement Part ,The Model Number and Name for the Following Item: SLT50 Ignition Control Module. ... more info

High speed switching. Built-in fast recovery diode. TO-264 package. Application: Microwave Oven, I-H Cooker, I-H Jar, Induction Heater, Home Appliance. ... more info

Powerful monolithic body diode with very low forward voltage.Applications: Inductive Cooking, soft switching applications. ... more info

FGA25N120 power transistor utilizes NPT technology which offers very tight parameter distribution, high ruggedness, stable temperature performance and parallel switching capability. This power transistor is designed for motor controls, inverter and SMPS. ... more info

International Rectifier IRG4PC30FDPBF 600V FAST 1-8 KHZ COPACK IGBT IN A TO-247AC PACKAGE ... more info

IGBT Transistors 19 A - 600 V very fast IGBT ... more info

New Semikron IGBT Module SKM150GB128D Shipping detail This listing item shipping from China,NOT FROM USA Estimated Delivery time (NOT Guaranteed, as shipping depends on the post office, custom, buyer address, airport etc): Express shipping: 3-7 WORKING ... more info

IGBT Transistors 1200V UltraFast 4-20kHz Copack IGBT ... more info

IGBT Transistors EcoSPARK2 300mJ 400V N-Chan Ignition IGBT ... more info

IGBT Transistors EcoSPARK2 335mJ 400V N-Chan Ignition IGBT ... more info

International Rectifier IRG4BC20UPBF 600V ULTRAFAST 8-60 KHZ DISCRETE IGBT IN A TO-220AB PACKAGE ... more info

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