Top 20 Best Selling IDC Electrical Terminals (2021)

25 Pack, 300-600V, Aqua Blue and Orange, Safety Sealed Waterproof Wire Connector, Cu/Cu, 3 #22 Minimum, 2 #14 Maximum, For Use In Irrigation, Trailers and Boats Or Any Standard Application, UL Listed and CSA Certified, Polybagged. ... more info

Extech 445703 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer with Min/Max ... more info

All-weather, UV, Water and tear resistant barricade tape designed to restrict entry and indentify boundaries of hazardous areas. ... more info

Static charges can easily damage delicate IC components. Protect your valuable electronic projects from static discharge with this work station. Made of semi-conductive vinyl. Size: 19-Inch x 23-Inch with grounding lead. ... more info

Product Information:The Leviton 1x9 Bridged Telephone Board with Bracket (47689B) designed to fit into any Leviton Structured Media enclosure, bridges up to four telephone lines through to nine outlet locations, allowing operation of up to nine separate t ... more info

- UR In-line tap IDC connector- Pack of 100- Splices 22-26 AWG wire- Polypropylene body ? redST30007 ... more info

Product Information:The Leviton 1x8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module with Bracket White (476908C) uses 4, 6 and 8way 1GHz Passive Video Splitters and Passive Video Splitter Modules to split digital cable, quality cable TV and offair signals to 4, 6 or 8 te ... more info

H06E-24 is an 24-Inch universal replacement thermocouple for water heater use and heating devices with a standing pilot. ... more info

An easy-to-use tool that allows access to telephone boxes and pedestals. 3/8-Inch and 7/16-Inch hex double end, with easy grip plastic handle. Rugged design for reliable use in the field. ... more info

Suburban Water Heater Replacement Parts - Thermocouple 18 inch. ... more info

Product Information:The Leviton Category 5E Voice and Data Expansion Board (476030C5) offers a Category 5e Voice and Data Expansion Board for its PreConfigured Structured Cabling Panels, also available as a standalone module. These compact panels, with th ... more info

ExStik Waterproof Chlorine Meter This revolutionary technique measures Direct Total Residual Chlorine from 0.01ppm to 10ppm. It makes non-subjective measurements — unaffected by interferences associated with traditional colorimeters and spectrophotome ... more info

View larger Laser IR Thermometer with Alarm High temperature IR thermometer measures surface temperature from -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C) without contact. The 50 to 1 distance to target ratio allows targeting small areas at greater distance. Addition ... more info

Product Information:The Leviton Advanced Home Telephone and Video Panel White (47606AHT) combines a Telephone Line Distribution Module, Category 5e Voice and Data Board, and a 6way 2 GHz Video Splitter in a dedicated plastic bracket for multiline systems ... more info

Hex-Lok Multi-Range Wire Connectors. Multi-range, hex-head copper-to-copper connector covers 95% of everyday applications. Streamlined design for compact installations. Square-wire spring grabs and holds wires for secure connections. Long skirt covers str ... more info

360 Pcs. Terminal Assortment. 25 Pcs. 16-14ga. (bullets). 15 Pcs. 10-12ga. (10-32ring). 25 Pcs. 16-14ga. (10 spade). 10 Pcs. Two Way (line conn). 30 Pcs. 22-16ga. (1/4 ring). 25 Pcs. 18-14ga. (male). 10 Pcs. 16-14ga (female bullet). 10 Pcs. 10-12g ... more info

Heavy-Wall Heat-Shrink Tubing. Inner adhesive bonds to plastics, rubber, neoprene, steel, polyethylene. Superior quality at an affordable price. ... more info

The DF-EFP148 electric fireplace is a contemporary piece from Yosemite Home Decor. It comes in a sleek black finish. The fireplace makes use of faux charcoal to create the illusion of real flames. This unit is wall mounted and installation is as easy as ... more info

GB WingGard wire connectors make quick, secure connections with easy-on wing-type design providing positive continuity between conductors. The expandable square wire spring creates a strong vibration-resistant connection. Their tough, thermoplastic shell ... more info

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