Top 20 Best Selling Ice Hockey Accessories (2021)

3M Utility Duct Tape 2929 is a utility grade, conformable cloth duct tape made with polyethylene film over cloth scrim and rubber adhesive. ... more info

500g Calibration weight use for scales that require 500g of weight. ... more info

All Rolls are UL Listed in the core. Plasticized PVC film with an aggressive rubber resin adhesive in OSHA colors. For cable coding, quick identification of electrical phases, circuits, feeders and branches. Non-flame retardent. Dielectric Breakdown: 9000 ... more info

Jaybird & Mais 6000 Jayco Co-Adhesive Grip Tape is a dry to the touch co-adhesive stretch grip tape which will not leave residue on glove palms. Jaybird & Mais Grip Tape bonds to itself to make that perfect custom stick handle. Used to lessen wear on hock ... more info

Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape is a multi-purpose hockey tape manufactured using first quality woven cloth fabrics. It is coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system which bonds well to socks, pads and hockey sticks. #299 tapes are hand tearable, and ... more info

The Guard Dog Universal Ice Skate Guards are essential equipment to maintain your blades off the ice. They are so easy to use, just pick you favorite color and put a pair on your skates today! ... more info

Titanium Discs by Phiten 70 ct Disc Titanium Discs 70 ct Disc Product These small adhesive discs containing Carbonized Titanium can target specific areas with pinpoint accuracy and are convenient size for carrying around. Caution Do not apply on open cuts ... more info

3M General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 Black, 5.0 mil (0.125 mm) vinyl backing with a rubber adhesive, conformability, good instant adhesion. ... more info

A blue vinyl plastic tape that is highly conformable and is excellent for masking off curved surfaces and tight-radius corners. Provides an excellent, sharp edge Highly conformable for hard-to-mask shapes Excellent for masking over rivets on aluminum boat ... more info

These TuffTerrys™ skate guards from A&R are reinforced on the bottom, both inside and outside, with durable polypropylene. They offer a greater degree of protection from sharp blades while wicking away the moisture to help keep them rust-free. ... more info

This heavy duty water resistant bag is sure to meet all your sporting needs! The durable handles ensure comfort, and the 2 way zippers enable easy access. ... more info

3M blue marking tape comes in a 1/8 in width, uses a rubber adhesive and is packaged 144 per case. This product is a single-sided adhesive marking tape. When purchasing this product, consider the thickness. The variances in thickness often make an importa ... more info

These A&R soft blade ice skate covers feature a unique wick-away liner and super-absorbent terry cloth fabric to keep your blades free from excessive moisture. ... more info

Renfrew Cloth Hockey Tape - 1 InchPermanent dye won't fade or wash out when wetStronger cloth for longer life on 1-piece sticksSuperior adhesive keeps tape on blade, removes cleanlyEnhanced moisture resistance deters water penetration and snow build upSof ... more info

3M Duct Tape 3939 is composed of a waterproof polyethylene film over cloth scrim backing with a rubber adhesive used for demanding duct tape applications. ... more info

A & R Figure BladeGards are made for walking while protecting the skate blades from chipping. They feature drain holes for excess moisture and an adjustable strap to fit all size figure skates. These guards are available in many colors. ... more info

Hockey Tapes are specialized tapes for use on the stick handles. Our performance hockey stick tapes are formulated and constructed to provide optimum performance on modern composite hockey sticks and blades as well as best in class performance on more tra ... more info

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