Top 20 Best Selling Humanities & Social Sciences Psychology Magazines (2021)

Succinct reviews of current biomedical and educational research on autistic children, based on computer search of world literature. ... more info

Keep up with the planetary forces that shape your life! Written by leaders in the field in an easy-to-understand format, Dell Horoscope is perfect for beginners and accomplished astrologers alike. ... more info

Journal exploring the power of dreams and their interpretations, symbolism, mythology, education, and inspired art. ... more info

Research, theory, techniques, education, and arts of practice in the general field of psychology. ... more info

Magazine covering the latest in astrology, numerology, and mysticism. Features topics on healing, magic art, spidey sense, guardian angels, and achieving your own psychic power. ... more info

Translations of papers on main branches of psychology: cognitive, social and organizational psychotherapy, etc. ... more info

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