Top 20 Best Selling Humanities & Social Sciences Military Science Magazines (2021)

Covers weapons, tactics, and training. Also includes product reviews, the tactics of professionals, and real world training. ... more info

A weekly newspaper which is the unofficial source of information of articles and news affecting the Marine Corps service people and their families. ... more info

Covers a wide range of naval history, including various eras, subjects and countries. ... more info

An independent weekly journal serving career Air Force personnel. ... more info

Features articles on the naval world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Its information targets the sea service professional and others interested in naval and maritime affairs. ... more info

The world's leading newsstand publication on espionage and intelligence. Also, includes articles on terrorism and world events. ... more info

Scholarly examination of firearms manufacturing throughout history, with a focus on the 17th-19th centuries. ... more info

Includes current news on all aspects of military aviation including the world's 'hotspots' and reports on the strengths of international air forces, their conflicts, weaponry and exercises.Provides insight into the latest military technology and offers a ... more info

Contains current government information for Navy personnel; also an independent forum for analysis of military policy. ... more info

An independent weekly journal serving career Army personnel. ... more info

Detailed articles and features on modern and historic military vehicles. Covering the full range of military vehicles, from the commonplace to the unusual, filled with information and illustrated with rare and archive material, stunning photography and ma ... more info

Contemporary aviation technology. In-depth coverage of the latest aircraft, current military airscene, flight test reports, exclusive cutaway, color and three view drawings and photographs. ... more info

Published in French, Raids focuses on a wide range of modern military operations including high-tech weaponry, current military news, training, new equipment, profiles of various armed forces around the world, and more. ... more info

Reunions magazine, is devoted to organizing reunions (family, class, military, others). Subscription includes Reunions Workbook. How, when, where, what to do when you get there. ... more info

Armada International is a leading international defense publication reporting on ground, naval and airborne equipment and systems. It is devoted to the interests of the international community of users and producers of defense material. ... more info

Deals with the latest developments in arms control negotiations and national security. Provides updates on the nuclear arsenals of the superpowers. ... more info

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