Top 20 Best Selling Home Theater Audio Component Receivers (2021) Reviews

Top rated audio component receivers from popular brands – Pioneer, Onkyo, Sony, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, Sherwood, Pioneer, Denon etc.

Key Features are 110 Watts X 7, 7 Channel Configurable Amplifier, Surround Back. Dolby Pro-logic IIz or B Speaker, Dolby True-HD / DTS-HD Master Audio and Advanced MCACC. It has a 9 Band EQ. Auto Crossover Setting, USB to PC Graphs, PQLS – 2 Channel, ... more info

Sure, we call it an entry-level A/V receiver. But when you witness the full potential of the TX-SR608, you'll know the level you're entering is far beyond the ordinary. For a start, you get six of the latest HDMI 1.4 inputs for simple hook-up of all your ... more info

Give your home entertainment a powerful boost with the STR-DH510 5.1-channel high-definition A/V receiver. Outfitted with 5 HD inputs (3 HDMI, 2 component), it's easy to integrate your HD home components such as a Blu-ray Disc player or PlayStation 3 syst ... more info

Key Features are I20 Watts x 7 – (20Hz – 20kHz @ 8 ohm w/ .08%THD) It has a 7 Channel Direct Energy Configurable Amplifier with Surround Back. Dolby Pro-logic IIz or B Speaker, THX Select 2 Plus Certified, Dolby True-HD / DTS-HD Master Audio, Advanced MCA ... more info

Enjoy bolder, quality sound without the fuss. The solid, 2-channel STR-DH100 stereo receiver delivers clear stereo sound for everyday music fans and rooms where a complex home theater system is not needed. With the right mix of inputs and technologies, th ... more info

At the budget-conscious end of the home entertainment spectrum, you’re looking to maximize performance and features without putting undue strain on your finances. At Onkyo, we get it. That’s why we’ve redefined the entry-level A/V receiver once more, with ... more info

Take your HD surround sound experience to new heights with the STR-DH810 A/V receiver. Offering an abundance of connectivity options (4 HDMI, 3 component), you will have room for all your components including a Blu-ray player, PS3 system, DVD player and m ... more info

Enjoy a revolutionary home theater experience with the Yamaha RX-V667 Audio Video Receiver. With 90 watts per 7 channels, 6 HDMI inputs (including a front input), multizone support, and the latest hi-def audio and HDMI specs for upscaling to 1080p, this r ... more info

The HK 3490 is a high current stereo receiver that will give you the best possible audio performance. You can use the optional Bridge II to control and navigate your Ipod™. The power rating is 120 watts times two at 8 ohms and 150 watts times 2 at 4 ohms. ... more info

Sherwood America RX-4105 A/V Receiver RX-4105 Home Theater Receivers ... more info

Whether it’s channelling your iPod®, SIRIUS™ satellite Radio, XM® Satellite Radio, CDs, or other traditional audio sources, the Onkyo TX-8555 Stereo Receiver translates your music with effortless power and finesse. It even offers Zone 2 capability, so you ... more info

As the first - and most affordable - of Onkyo’s new-season network-capable A/V receivers, the TX-NR708 brings the audio goldmine of internet radio to your living room. Now you can kick back on the sofa and surf all your favorite channels in superior fidel ... more info

Key Features are 110 Watts X 7, Dolby True-HD / DTS-HD Master Audio, 7 Channel Configurable Amplifier, Surround Back Dolby Pro-logic IIz or B Speaker MCACC with room EQ. Phase Control, Auto Level Control – 2 Channel, Advanced Sound Retriever – 2 channel ... more info

Ignite your home entertainment experience with the STR-DH710 7.1-channel A/V receiver. With six HD inputs (3 HDMI and 3 component), you can take full advantage of all your high-definition components including a Blu-ray Disc player or PS3 system. Everythin ... more info

Meet Onkyo’s mid-range powerhouse. The TX-NR808 earns its prestigious THX Select2 Plus certification by blending the latest connectivity and processing technology with Onkyo’s renowned amplification prowess. As a network-capable receiver, the TX-NR808 is ... more info

Key Features are 110 watts X 5, Dolby True-HD / DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Pro-Logic IIz Height Channel Decoder, Auto MCACC with room EQ, Phase Control Auto Level Control – 2 Channel, Advanced Sound Retriever – 2 channel, iPod Digital USB / USB Memory ... more info

Performance and affordability are the hallmarks of the AVR-391. A powerful 5 channel x 110W (6-ohms, 1kHz, 5 x 75W 8-ohms, 20 – 20kHz) amplifier section delivers detail and dynamics to music and movie soundtracks. It’s equipped with 1080p compatible HDMI ... more info

While we may define it as an entry-level A/V receiver, the HT-RC260 gives you performance and features that leave class-competitors gasping in its wake. Six of the latest HDMI® 1.4a inputs provide easy connection for all your high-def sources and compatib ... more info

Take your high-definition surround sound experience to the next level with the STR-DN1010 7.1-channel Blu-ray Disc A/V receiver. Enjoy 3D images while hearing sound closer to the way it was captured, plus improve image quality of non-HD video sources to H ... more info

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