Top 20 Best Selling Home Audio Subwoofers (2021) Reviews

Buy one of these top rated home audio subwoofers from quality brands Polk Audio, Sony, BIC, JBL, Onkyo, Yamaha, Klipsch, Pinnacle etc. Read reviews and compare prices so you get the best home audio subwoofer deals.

POLK PSW505 - This high quality powered subwoofer makes opens a whole new dimension of thrilling low end sound for audio and home theater systems alike. This versatile, clinically accurate beast handles bombs and bullets and delicate string sections with ... more info

Do away with distortion. While the Polk Monitor Series PSW10's 10 driver and 50W built-in amplifier are filling out your home audio's bass tones, a wide variety of distortion-reducing technologies - including laser Klippel Distortion analysis - deliver b ... more info

Feel the power of 100 amplified watts of pure bass. The SA-W2500 performance line subwoofer makes music come alive and elevates the movie-watching experience to theater-like levels. For cinematic effects, crank up the bass level and let the 10 mica-reinfo ... more info

For more than 50 years, midrange and high frequency horns have been the hands-down choice for movie theater sound engineers. From the softest whispers... To the highest impact sound... Hrn drivers have no equal when it comes to clarity and dynamic range. ... more info

Impress yourself with the earth-shakingly realistic bass pumped out by this 230W subwoofer. A lot is packed into LFEs (Low Frequency Emissions), which you can find in more and more movies and music these days. Rest assured, you won't miss a thing with the ... more info

The Yamaha YST-SW216BL Advanced YST II, Front-Firing Active Subwoofer sets the standard for subwoofers in this class with high dynamic power and low-noise performance thanks to Advanced YST II, a linear port, front-firing design, plus many other sophistic ... more info

PL-200 is driven by an audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000-watts dynamic peak output. Front-Firing 12 Long-Throw Powered Subwoofer. 8 Year Warranty. ... more info

A masterpiece of sound and design, the Synergy Series SUB-12 subwoofer shakes things up with its rock-solid performances. Its extraordinary power adds a dose of reality to movie explosions and other special effects, as well as reveals commonly elusive low ... more info

The Dynamo is a versatile subwoofer with a 10 aluminum woofer and a 200 watt internal amplifier. It features a user-configurable design which can be used in either the forward or downward firing position. The advanced control system of the Abyss allows ... more info

This new Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, accurate and musical bass at shockingly low prices. Built for power and value, the new models represent a continuing refinement of the highly regarded PSW Series and a great introduction to visceral home thea ... more info

Affordable 12 subwoofer produces best-in-class deep bass and output via heavy-duty down-firing woofer & precision matched 300 watt RMS watt amplifier ... more info

The ES250P is a powerful 400 Watt RMS 12 inch powered subwoofer. It provides the poweful bass needed for an excellent home theater system. It is made by JBL which is a leader in both home and professional audio systems. This product comes in both black an ... more info

Designed to deliver substantial bass output for home theater applications at a very affordable price, the Velodyne VX-11 subwoofer has a 10 driver powered by a 150W dynamic power Class D amplifier. The front-firing 10 woofer's output is enhanced by a prec ... more info

Pinnacle's SUB-SONIX 10-200 is a 10 200 Watt Front Firing powered subwoofer with tremdndous, authoritative bass down into the mid 20Hz range with an SPL of over 115 dB, which is louder than at a packed house for a pro football game! Even as they deliver a ... more info

The PSW111 Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, accurate and musical bass at shockingly low prices. Built for power and value, the PSW111 represents a continuing refinement of the highly regarded PSW Series and a great introduction to visceral home theate ... more info

Enjoying home theater just became a lot more convenient, thanks to the new PSWi225 Wireless Subwoofer. And because it鈥檚 wireless, there are no wires to run across a room; it鈥檚 compact size (12 1/2-Inch x 13-Inch x12 1/2-Inch) frees you to place the PSWi22 ... more info

The KEF KHT3005 (SE) 5.1 home theater speaker system is an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly home theater system, which raises both the design and performance benchmarks in the category of elegant home theater speaker packages. KEF's patented ... more info

The Impact Series are stylish, affordable, high-output, low distortion subwoofers. They feature beautiful cabinets with black gloss lacquer trim that fit easily into your home, while their deep, defined bass brings your favorite movies and music to life - ... more info

These subwoofers also work great in a home theater system setup.

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