Top 20 Best Selling Hobby Adhesives Hobby Building Tools & Hardware Toys (2020)

Includeds 2 tubes of Testors glue plus 4 precison glue tips. ... more info

This fast drying cement is perfect for assembling plastic models. It comes with a precision applicator for accurate application of the perfect amount of cement. Also comes with a metal cleaning wire to keep the applicator free of buildup. Use in a well ve ... more info

This Glue joins Polystyrene to Polystyrene and ABS plastics. ... more info

This is the DuraTrax Medium Pit Tech Tire Glue. Specfically formulated fast bond adhesive for model car tires. FEATURES: Cyanoacrylate (CA) formula Bonds model car tires securely to wheels 1/2oz (14.2g) YOU WILL RECEIVE: One bottle of DuraTrax Medium Pit ... more info

A SUPERSTITION HOBBIES PRODUCT INSTA-SET Accelerator Compatible With Plastic & Foam 2oz. Part #: SH.BSI-151 Bob Smith Industries INSTA-SETTM is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure in thick layers by enhancing the alk ... more info

Quick drying cement for plastic models precision applicator included. ... more info

ZAP-A-Gap CA+ Gap-filling formula. Allows 7-10 seconds for positioning, 20 seconds cure time. To accelerate use Kicker. Bonds anything to anything, even oily surfaces. ... more info

Since 1959, the Broberg family has owned and operated DU-BRO Products, Inc. During that time, the company has grown from a single product, to 4 companies in three industries, offering more than 1,200 items. Innovation and reliability has been synonymous w ... more info

This super glue accelerator sets glue in just seconds. Zip Kicker increases glues_ gap-filling ability and aids in adhesion of tough-to-bond combinations. It works with Zap glues and all other super glue brands. ... more info

Slime is a well known brand for flat tire prevention and repair. Slime's rubber cement comes in an easy to use canister with a brush that is conveniently attached to the lid. For use with Slime patches and plugs. ... more info

TESTORS-Clear Parts Cement. This adhesive is specially formulated for joining all polystyrene plastics. It dries as clear as glass and can even be used to make small windows for model cars and planes! It will not craze plastic, does not yellow, leaves no ... more info

These are the Great Planes Epoxy Mixing Cups in a sleeve of 50. FEATURES: Made of semi-clear plastic Graduated in Standard and Metric units for easier measuring 1 fl oz. (30ml) capacity Great for epoxies or almost a. ... more info

INSTA-CURE+TM is a higher viscosity CA for loose fitting joints in which the adhesive must bridge gaps. Normally, the thicker CA is applied to one surface and then the parts are held tightly together for about 5 to 15 seconds. For large surface areas, inc ... more info

This is a 20ml Jar of Tamiya Cement. FEATURES: This is a liquid cement for styrene resin models. It has an excellent bonding characteristic! Can be used in the construction of any stryene plastic model, plastic sheeting or plastic repairs. Glass jar with ... more info

Elmer's Craft Bond adhesives work right the first time, every time - and stay put for any project. The full line of craft adhesives provides the right glue for any project - from scrapbooking and fabric crafts, to wood projects, and more. Craft Bond Fabri ... more info

TESTORS CEMENT FOR PLASTIC MODELS Quick drying cement For plastic models Joins polystyrene to polystyrene and polystyrene to wood Flammable vapor Recommended for ages 8+ 5/8 oz. Carded ... more info

Canopy Glue Formula 560 Formula 560 is specially formulated to bond Canopies and Plastic parts to wood, fiberglass, paint, or MonoKote surfaces. Safely bonds vinyl, ABS, Butyrate, and other plastics. Forms a firm, flexible clear bond that can withstand sh ... more info

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