Top 20 Best Selling History United States Magazines (2021)

American History Presents the history of America to a spectrum of general-interest readers in an authoritative, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining style. Lively narratives take readers on an adventure with history, complemented by rare photog ... more info

The first mass-market, beginner-friendly genealogy periodical. It covers all the areas of potential interest to family history enthusiasts, reaching beyond genealogy research to include ethnic heritage, family reunions, memoirs, oral history, scrapbooking ... more info

Whether you are an armchair historian or a serious student of modern world history, World War II History magazine brings the battles, personalities, and equipment of the globe-spanning war to life. From major engagements to little-known details about the ... more info

Contains historical accounts by the men who lived in the belly of a B-17 bomber or in the cockpit of a P-51 Mustang. Also provides photographs of historic aircraft and air battles. ... more info

Covers prehistoric American Indian history, including artifacts, lifestyles, customs, legends, and tribes. ... more info

Good Old Days remembers the best of times from the turn of the century on up through the '50s, all straight from the heart. Written by our readers, each new issue brings you feature stories & photos of the greatest generation-heir first-hand experiences, ... more info

AMERICA IN WWII is your connection to the men and women of 1940s America and the war that defined their lives. Every issue puts you side by side with GIs overseas and with hardworking folks on the home front. Hear their frank eyewitness stories鈥攁nd dive d ... more info

Covers a wide range of naval history, including various eras, subjects and countries. ... more info

Designed for Irish Americans who are interested in understanding their heritage, Irish America features articles on politics, Irish history, culture, business, sports, international news, and interviews with prominent Irish Americans. ... more info

For students, teachers and history-lovers. Each issue contains international features from prehistory to the present, reviews of events, heritage/archaeology updates and color illustrations. ... more info

Published by the Montana Historical Society, this publication features well-documented articles on the history of the western United States. Photographs, illustrations, western art, book reviews, travel features, and limited advertising are all included. ... more info

Published for the sophisticated, concerned reader who appreciates and cares about the region and its business, lifestyles and culture. Strives to help readers get the most out of life and business in Florida's First Coast. ... more info

Kauai Magazine reflects the beauty, culture, and people of the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. With the unparalleled natural beauty of the island as backdrop, Kauai Magazine portrays the people, heart and soul, unique cultures, and things to see and do o ... more info

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