Top 20 Best Selling History Software (2021)

Experience the life of a pioneer during the Westward Movement while traveling along the famous Oregon Trail. As the leader of your very own wagon party, you will hunt for food, tend to sicknesses, cross treacherous rivers and more throughout your 2,000 mi ... more info

Ancestry's website Family Tree Maker for Mac Software, which is based on Family Tree Maker 2010, makes organizing, researching and sharing your family history easier than ever, whether you're just getting started or already an expert. ... more info

Luxor is great puzzle action in an exotic setting. Go on a thrilling adventure across ancient Egypt. Battle Set and his evil minions across 88 mind-blowing levels, unleashing the power of Isis with various falling talismans. ... more info

This text provides in-depth, balanced content covering the beginnings of U.S. history through the present. ... more info

See the great events and people of the 20th century as recorded by TIME Magazine's writers and captured by photographers and filmmakers in an unfolding panorama of more than 2,000 articles, 500 photos and 40 minutes of dramatic video. Watch history change ... more info

American Government is generally the introductory political science course at two- and four-year colleges. The content in this version is very similar to the high school version, which is usually a required social science course. Thinkwell's American Gov ... more info

In the History Channel: Take Command - Civil War brings you into America's bloodiest war as it's underway. Carnage and chaos are everywhere and the destiny of a country is in your hands. Withering fire cuts down your best regiments, as the screams of the ... more info

Put the events of the modern world in historical perspective. The Centennia Historical Atlas is a dynamic, animated guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East for the past thousand years. Watch empires and kingdoms, nations and alliances rise and ... more info

Mystery! Adventure! Geography! (Plus, history, culture, capitals and more!) Get packed! You鈥檙e needed to deliver an important secret package. And you鈥檒l track down clues from coast to coast to solve the mystery. Along the way, you鈥檒l relive the rich histo ... more info

STUDENT HOME LEARNING SYSTEM, is the most comprehensive and cost-effective system ever released for home education, comprising 200 educational software titles, 20 hours of DVD video, over 200 hours of audio books, a total of over 20,000 lessons, activitie ... more info

From the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, this 5-CD-ROM originally authored collection tells the story of all the wars of the United States of America. Containing 1000's of photos and hundreds of videos, The Complete History of America's Wars is the mos ... more info

Civil war software. Learn all about the civil war with 5 fun CDs. ... more info

Thinkwell's AP American Government is taught by prestigious political science professors from top universities. Professors Gerald Rosenberg, Mark Rom, and Matthew Dickinson will teach you the powerful ideas central to the U.S. Government and Politics AP c ... more info

The Tutankhamun - Interactive Egypt Educational Entertainment CD Rom was released in conjunction with the highly anticipated Tutankhamun - King Tut- Exhibition currently touring the USA. King Tut, Ancient Egyptian History & Culture, Mummification, Hierogl ... more info

Never opened - beautiful gift set with a cherry-colored box complete with a National Geographic Emblem on the front of the box. ... more info

This interactive documentary integrates extensive archival footage, original documents and artifacts, glorious photographs, poignant remembrances of people who passed through Ellis Island, and interactive video vignettes that allow users to experience fir ... more info

National Geographic Maps: The War Series collects the history of war, in a beautiful set of detailed maps! ... more info

Experience the drama and danger of life in a 14th-century castle! You've been entrusted with a dangerous mission. Explore 3D environments featuring the acclaimed illustrations of Stephen Biesty and meet live-action characters as you strive to complete you ... more info

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