Top 20 Best Selling History Military Magazines (2019)

American History Presents the history of America to a spectrum of general-interest readers in an authoritative, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining style. Lively narratives take readers on an adventure with history, complemented by rare photog ... more info

Contains historical accounts by the men who lived in the belly of a B-17 bomber or in the cockpit of a P-51 Mustang. Also provides photographs of historic aircraft and air battles. ... more info

Covers prehistoric American Indian history, including artifacts, lifestyles, customs, legends, and tribes. ... more info

For those interested in the history of armed conflict. Details battles and strategies, profiles leaders, provides maps and presents eyewitness accounts that vividly bring the past to life. ... more info

AMERICA IN WWII is your connection to the men and women of 1940s America and the war that defined their lives. Every issue puts you side by side with GIs overseas and with hardworking folks on the home front. Hear their frank eyewitness stories—and dive d ... more info

Covers a wide range of naval history, including various eras, subjects and countries. ... more info

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