Top 20 Best Selling History By Region Magazines (2021)

Magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey. Includes articles on topics such as photography, writing, and insights on all aspects of art, life, travel, and architecture in Turkey today. ... more info

German Life is a bi-monthly magazine written for anyone interested in the diversity of German culture, past and present, and the various ways that North America has been shaped by its German element. The magazine is dedicated to solid reporting on cultura ... more info

Focuses on colorful travel features and vacation ideas, articles about Scottish history and genealogy, restaurants and hotels, special exhibits an events, reports on Scottish arts and crafts, and event litsings in both the US and Scotland. ... more info

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt is an English-language periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, arts, and monuments of ancient Egypt. It also offers features on archaeology, past and present, and archival a ... more info

Articles on Jewish life in Israel, America and around the world. ... more info

An academic journal dealing with all aspects of Japanese culture; especially literature, history, religion and art. ... more info

Interdisciplinary scholarly journal on Japan containing research articles, translations of essays and opinion from Japan. Also contains reviews of new books. ... more info

Abruzzo offers the reader a wealth of tourist and cultural information about the Italian region of Abruzzo. One finds within the pages of this magazine details about individual villages, folklore and traditions, nature parks, tourist itineraries, and mu ... more info

Latest news of British archaeology, bridging the gap between the amateur and the professional. ... more info

History Scotland is an illustrated history and archaeology magazine. Written by professional historians, archaeologists, and museum curators, each issue contains a different mix of historical periods and types of subject matter. ... more info

In-depth analysis of political, economic and social developments in the modern Islamic and non-Islamic societies in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. ... more info

Covers various aspects of the county's history and archaeology. ... more info

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