Top 20 Best Selling HDTV Antennas (2021) Reviews

Top rated HDTV antennas to help you get stronger and clearer high definition digital signals for your HDTV.

Antennas Direct DB2 HDTV Antenna DB2 Television Accessories ... more info

The DB4 has become our most popular model because it is simply the best Mid Range HDTV antenna on the market. With an approximate 13.7 dB gain, it is one of the strongest multi-directional antennas available and performs consistently across the entire UHF ... more info

This RCA Digital, Flat Amplified Home Theater Antenna is multi-directional and receives free uncompressed digital signals. Broadcast digital TV gives you more free channels, easy-to-use effective parental controls, and enhanced services such as digital cl ... more info

Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters, the DB8 is our most powerful multi-directional HD antenna. In fact, its 15.8 dB gain make it one of the most powerful multi-directional antennas available. The bow tie design of the DB8 us ... more info

Enjoy high quality digital programming without paying monthly digital cable or satellite fees with this new Tivax DT-01 indoor DTV/TV antenna. The device is specially designed to receive digital broadcast signals from the major free networks. This product ... more info

The age of digital TV is here. It's no longer a dream of the future. With it, over time, more TV stations will be broadcasting HDTV signals. If you want excellent over-the-air television reception, this TERK HD-TVi Indoor HDTV Antenna is the accessory you ... more info

Antennas Direct ClearStream C5 HDTV Antenna C5 Television Accessories ... more info

TERK FDTV2A flat amplified digital indoor TV antenna takes antenna design to the next level. Comes in acrylic gloss black with chrome accents to match today's high quality digital flat panel displays. Patented reception technology in a multi-directional 3 ... more info

RCA digital flat amplified home theater antenna is multi-directional and receives free uncompressed digital signals. Broadcast digital TV gives you more free channels, easy to use effective parental controls and enhanced services such as ditigal closed-c ... more info

Amplified high-definition tv reception for free local HDTV broadcasts. Most HDTV local broadcasts can't be received by either satellite or cable alone: You need an HDTV antenna. You get the most from your HDTV entertainment system with this off-air ant ... more info

Channel Master's 4228HD antenna can receive digital and analog over-the-air TV signals in the UHF band and high VHF band. The 4228HD is optimized for deep-fringe reception of HDTV and receives digital and analog UHF and high-band VHF TV signals; range is ... more info

Features a 360掳 receive pattern; perfect for receiving signal in multiple directions without a rotor; compact design; channels 2-69 ; range up to 30 miles-zone 1 (yellow/green) ... more info

HDTV high band VHF antenna with 0-40 mile range. ... more info

Antennas Direct 91XG Uni-Directional Antenna 91XG Television Accessories ... more info

TERK FDTVO flat digital omni-directional outdoor antenna supports all digital and analog frequencies including VHF and UHF. Receives local HD and all digital TV broadcast signals for free. Supports 1080 signals. Extremely low noise (ELN) amplifier provid ... more info

Replacing your WiFi antenna with our booster will significantly increase the range and strength of your WiFi signal. Our quality built 3x power omni-directional Booster WiFi antenna is a direct replacement for the antenna that comes standard with your rou ... more info

Platinum HD antennas deliver powerful VHF performance and offer additional 1 dB to 2 dB higher gain on VHF and UHF, important for weak signal areas. Outstanding UHF reception achieved by precise director spacing and highly efficient corner reflectors. ... more info

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