Top 20 Best Selling Hardware Pitons & Aid Gear (2019)

Use the Liberty Mountain Lapis brush to clean climbing holds without damaging or polishing the rock. ... more info

DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Coeur Stainless Steel Hanger Available in two versions The SPECS of the Petzl Coeur Stainless Steel Hanger Weight: 40 g Case Quantity: 50 Diameter: 10 x 12 mm Certification(s): CE EN 959, UIAA Material(s): Stainless steel Hang ... more info

Knuckle of using oil quenching process, the hook claw reached the highest level of soft hardness (maximum hardness of 39), play the steel in extreme operating conditions reliability. Hand-forged hook shank ring shaped into a circle, but also oil quenching ... more info

Slightly oversized, for hooking larger edges and flakes than a Cliffhanger, the Grappling Hooks wide bipod base is remarkably stable, even on small edges. Long throw allows this hook to clear larger placements than the Cliffhanger. ... more info

A simple hook for added efficiency in aiders. Weight : 22 g (0.8 oz) ... more info

A bolt hanger is a bolt hanger? Think again. Mad stainless hangers with a twist in just the right place. The eye of our hanger features a twist and polished edge which enables smoother clips and does away with those nasty gashes on your carabiner. Fits st ... more info

FEATURES of the Omega Pacific Omega Snow Anchor Made from 6000-series aluminum Anchor-shaped cross section holds better in snow than any other picket available Zero sharp edges ensure they won't cut packs, jackets, or shred ropes Beveled spike on one end ... more info

Climb Tech's stainless steel bolt hanger, is safe, durable and easy-to-clip. Ten mm hole with standard climbing-bolt sizes. ... more info

For hairline cracks, subtle seams and indistinct fractures, the Pecker's knife-thin, double-tapered blade fits where nothing else will. ... more info

The easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet, the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw features a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction during placements. A large, color-coded crank knob makes f ... more info

Simple, lightweight and efficient, the Turbo Ice Screw features Black Diamond's precision tooth geometry with a hanger that functions as a handle for placements and a low-profile design to streamline your rack. ... more info

Tough enough to withstand repeated abuse in thin to medium-width cracks, hot forged Lost Arrows are patterned after the original designs of John Salathe and are as light as possible for their given size. ... more info

Steel triangular quick links for use in anchors and work and industrial. Zinc plating helps prevent rust in humid environments. The 10mm requires a 17mm open-end wrench. ... more info

Abc Figure 8 Anodized -black- Features: Weight: 108 Grams Strength: 25kn When Your Ropes Are Frozen Or Muddy, There Is No Beating The Smooth Action Of A Figure 8. Abc's Classic 8 Is One Of The Most Versatile Pieces Of Equipment On Any Rack. Our Choice ... more info

DECENT FEATURES of the Black Diamond Angles Passive spring design for holding power Easy clip-in point The SPECS for 1 Thickness: 1/2 / 12.7 mm Length: 102 mm Weight: 2 oz / 56 g The SPECS for 2 Thickness: 5/8 / 15.9 mm Length: 108 mm Weight: 2.47 oz / 70 ... more info

The best starting spur and rope kit on the market! This kit is full of rugged, dependable climbing gear that gets the job done without extra bells and whistles. This is our recommended kit for beginning climbers and those who climb in spurs occasionally. ... more info

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