Top 20 Best Selling Hardware Ascenders (2021)

The benchmark for handled ascenders has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency, ease of use. The ergonomically shaped grip is over molded with rubber for greater friction and the broader surface provides greater comfort while pulling on the a ... more info

The CROLL chest ascender is unmatched for efficiency on fixed lines. Compact and lightweight, it does not interfere with progression. The stainless steel wear plate improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone. ... more info

Designed to make rope ascents faster and less tiring. Used to complement CROLL, ASCENSION or ASCENTREE rope clamps. Releases from the rope with a simple backwards movement of the foot ... more info

Removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point on the ropeLocking pin reduces the risk of undoing the system accidentally ... more info

Double-handled ascender designed for secured double rope climbing tasks when utilizing traditional footlock techniques. Provides a comfortable yet powerful grip even while wearing thick gloves. Reduces rope abrasion. For ropes 8-13mm diameter. ... more info

Used with a CROLL, ASCENSION or BASIC ascender, the PANTIN foot ascender keeps the body vertical and makes rope ascent more efficient and less tiring. The compact shape and durability of its attachment strap allows it to remain constantly attached to the ... more info

Adjustable webbing foot loop. ... more info

This is the smallest and lightest rope clamp / grab on the market. It will get you out of many difficult situations, such as setting up a quick hauling system or climbing a rope. This is an emergency rope clamp / grab which you should always keep close at ... more info

Chest harness with low weight and very small dimensions, specifically conceived for climbing, caving, rescue, work, canyoneering, etc ... more info

FOOT ASCENDER RIGHTWeight: 320 grams ... more info

Our patented ascenders are strong, work on ropes from 8mm to 13mm and come with a patented lever that, when suppressed, allows for safe and easy down climbing without removing the ascender from the rope. Complete with a comfortable rubber grip that stays ... more info

The BASIC is a compact ascender that offers excellent grip for rope ascents. The lower attachment hole is large enough to hold the carabiners for the lanyard and the footloop. ... more info

Black Diamond Etrier-Five Step Reinforced steps for ease 25 mm (1 in) webbing with reinforced clip-in and ballast point Available in 5- and 6-step designs Sold individually The SPECS Weight: 7.4 oz / 210 g Strength: 2.248 lbf / 10 kN ... more info

Kong Duck Rope Clamp/microascender Features: Weight: 70 Grams Rope Diameter: 8mm-13mm Sling Dimensions: 10mm-15mm Ce Certified Kong Design Continues To Inspire. Simplicity And Function. The Duck Is A Rope Clamp Ascender That Completely Surrounds The R ... more info

aStep FootLoop For Ascenders The aStep footloop uses the best quality manufacturing practices including: Always open foot loop that is wide enough for both feet if needed Fast fully adjustable stainless steel buckle (holds load on single pass through ... more info

635000 Features: Use the rope-friendly design with half and single ropes Specifications: Weight: 5 ounces Handles ropes: 85 mm ... more info

Y-shaped lanyard with friction energy absorber and VERTIGO WL carabiners. Absorbs the energy of the fall by slippage of the rope through the device (friction energy absorption system). ... more info

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