Top 20 Best Selling Hard Lures Spinners & Spinnerbaits (2020)

Kastmaster's balance produces wild action without line twist. Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-size stripers - in fresh and salt water. ... more info

The Bleeding Bait Mini-King is one of the most popular spinnerbaits on the market. Includes a red hook and bleeding accent skirt. One deadly little fish catching dude. Tie one on and catch everything that swims. First blade silver colorado - second gold w ... more info

YUMbrella Tripod YUM YUMbrella Tripod 3-wire Money Fry Umbrella Rig. Because three heads are better than one. A deadly way to target suspended fish, the YUM YUMbrella Tripod Umbrella Rig allows you to throw 3 lures, simulating a small school of baitfis ... more info

Six of our most popular Panther Martin fishing lures all great fish catchers! Featuring three of our most popular colors in two of our most popular sizes all with super sharp red hooks. Makes a great gift for any occasion. Deadly on Trout, Bass and Salmon ... more info

The BOOYAH Buzz is made with premium hard coat paint, extra large 3D red eyes and flared red gills, the BOOYAH Buzz planes quickly and runs true out of the package. The BOOYAH clacker really attacks the blade and the 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt and ... more info

Yakima Baits famous Rooster Tail is now offered in six pack versions. This six pack will add variety to any tackle box arsenal and are proven fish catchers. Rooster Tails have caught millions of fish with it pulsating hackle tail and vibrant blade. The ... more info

If you were a FISH, you'd insist that Panther Martin lures are unfair because they're so tantalizing and downright irresistible. And you might be right. After all, Panther Martin lures REALLY CATCH FISH. Not just sometimes, but consistently. ... more info

The unique hydrodynamic curvature creates a three-dimensional illusion. Fished fast, slow, deep or shallow - this lure looks like a fat, full-bodied baitfish. ... more info

Six of Panther Martins most effective Bass and Trout lures. These fantastically effective spinners send out sonic vibrations that literally call out to the fish. Specially selected for Bass and Trout. Makes a great gift for fishing folks of all ages. Colo ... more info

All our lures are made of high quality, durable material and were digitally designed to our specifications on a computer. ... more info

Boo Rig and Swimbait combo Boo Rig WE JUST REWROTE THE FISHING PLAYBOOK THE BOO SERIES WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU FISH The Boo Series consists of four unique rigs featuring super-strong flexible wire that lets you fish any type of lure, cast it fart ... more info

The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. It is the World's #1 Lure; more trophy fish have been caught on the Mepps Aglia than any other lure. Its classic French blade provides continuous flash and vibration. Either will attract fish, but to ... more info

The Strike King BleedingBait Spinnerbait features premium components including premium stainless steel wire, bleeding red accent skirt, bleeding bait hook and two blades. First Blade is silver colorado - Second Blade is Gold Willow ... more info

Designed for big fish, a lot of engineering went into the Mepps LongCast. To begin with, every LongCast is perfectly balanced, so the blade spins freely and easily, an attribute found in every Mepps spinner. Perfect balance doesn't just happen. Every comp ... more info

All our lures are made of high quality, durable material and were digitally designed to our specifications on a computer. Lures are randomly tested by experts for proper and realistic swimming action during the manufacturing process for quality control an ... more info

We at Panther Martin have been selling our Regular spinners for over 40 years and they are still the most popular lures that we offer. Year in and year out, fisherman buy these lures and report catch after catch. Panther Martin Regular are deadly on trout ... more info

The Vibrax Shallow 60 degree shallow depth blade runs the surface to two feet, and is great for skinny water, over shallow structure or when fish are feeding on top. Tinsel and calf tail convert the weary. ... more info

The Mepps Giant Killer is an extremely versatile big-game lure that is effective in both fresh and saltwater. Bucktail and tandem bucktail Giant Killers, as well as the Giant Killer Mino are top producers of musky and northern pike. They also will catch s ... more info

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