Top 20 Best Selling Hard Lures Floating Lures (2020)

Mighty Bite Fishing Lures Complete Basic Kit Catch your limit every time with Mighty Bite - the lure that appeals to all five senses for deadly results! It's better than live bait - and works on all predatory fish! Swims like a live wounded bait fish! R ... more info

Mighty Bite Fishing Lures. Catch success! Kit creates a powerful scent trail that gets fish to strike. With a 3-D hologram design, Mighty Bite appeals to all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, feel and taste. Unique spasmic action adds the finishing touch. In ... more info

Durable and long lasting floats clip on line or can be used as a slip float. ... more info

The Original Floating Rapala can be fished using a steady retrieve, stop-and-go retrieve or as a twitch bait. No matter how you fish this classic bait, it is guaranteed to bring 'em running. This lure repeatedly has proven itself in a variety of condition ... more info

A suspendin jerk bait with a thick minnow profile and an aggressive action on retrieve. Very resonsive to subtle, twitch style retrieve. On the pause, the bait comes to rest with an added wobble that triggers strikes. ... more info

The 3.5 Rebel庐 Minnow (F10) was the first hard plastic Rebel lure produced. Its success came almost overnight. Demand quickly grew for other sizes and styles of the now legendary Rebel Minnow. For traditional, dependable, true-running action, nothing comp ... more info

Turn on the Light Tackle action and switch up to a 1/8oz. Tiny-Trap or 1/4oz. Mini-Trap. When lakes get too much fishing pressure downsizing to a Tiny-Trap or Mini-Trap can make the difference in catching fish. Dropping temps also make these lures good ch ... more info

The Snap Rap brings a hot new techique to anglers fishing sandy and gravel bottoms as well as deep west-coast reservoirs. This unique, tough little bait is fished with a snap retrieve method鈥arting fast on rod snap, then quickly gliding back to bottom. D ... more info

The Pins Minnow Magnet Medium Runner comes in three sizes 2, 2-3/4 & 3-1/2. All are offered in nine new natural colors and patterns to tempt trout worldwide. The Pins Minnow Magnet Medium Runner is a floating/diving version that incorporates a durable po ... more info

Wide swimming action which fish find irresistible Attack Point on belly to ensure more hook ups Unique Triangle lip design, which enables lure to be fished slowly Brilliant crystal fish attracting reflection Responsive darting action Bleeding Ruby and UV ... more info

The Crystal Minnow Deep Diver will reach depths of 20 feet, depending on the trolling speed. It has a tight wiggling action that perfectly mimics the motion of a swimming forage fish. The brilliant holographic finish gathers and reflects any and all subsu ... more info

Compared to the TG Waggler, the TG Bodied Waggler shows off a fatter, shorter main body with a more slender, longer top. With more length options and characteristic Thill sensitivity, the TG Bodied Waggler is an ultra-castable and stable float. Very funct ... more info

Now anglers can fish the Xtreme Attitude of the X-Rap at any depth consistently. Rapala introduced the effective ContDown method back in the 60s. Since its introductioin, the technique has enabled fishermen to consistenlty reach suspended fish at any dept ... more info

Top water lovers get ready for action. The Williamson Jet Popper with its large cup face and jet holes will create a loud POP and bubble trail that drives the fish crazy. A 300 lb. swivel connects line directly to the lure, allowing perfect rotation and r ... more info

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