Top 20 Best Selling Handsaws Hand Tools (2020)

STANLEY JAB SAW *6-1/4 blade *FatMax *Sharp tooth blade cuts 50% faster than traditional tooth design *Bi-material handle *Sharpened tip easily punches through drywall *Will cut cement board ... more info

Stanley 15in. x 9-Pt. hand saw delivers fast cuts on push and pull strokes. U.S.A.The Stanley 15-Inch SharpTooth Fast Cutting Saw features 9 points per inch for fast and efficient cuts. The blade's SharpTooth technology uses three cutting surfaces to cut ... more info

The Stanley 15-inch Fat Max Hand Saw has a blade that's 15 percent thicker than conventional saw, for straighter cuts with less binding. Its SharpTooth Saw technology uses three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50 percent faster than conventional Stanley han ... more info

Great for cutting dimensional lumber, thick plywood, wallboard and treated lumber of all sizes. Carves through PVC and ABS pipe easily and smoothly. * 14 TPI Blade ... more info

For delicate sawing of model railroad tracks and molded parts. Metal, plastic and balsa wood. Includes #5 Heavy-Duty Plastic Knife Handle with 2 razor saw blades. ... more info

The STANLEY STHT20138 is a 12-Inch fixed blade hacksaw with a robust all metal frame. This saw allows for a 4.375-Inch cutting depth, with up to 225-Pound of blade tension. 90-Degree and 180-Degree adjustable blade angles allowing flush cuts. It has a ... more info

Rust resistant, hard chromed blade made of high quality steel. The shape of the blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom - where the teeth are. This unique feature prevents clogging and binding, since the sides of the blade never come in cont ... more info

Includes 5-in-1 Multifunction Hack Saw - DWHT20547L ... more info

Precision ground blades for accuracy and a traditional Japanese design for exceptionally straight cuts, even overhead. Many professionals use these blades for cuts where precision outweighs speed. Great for finish work. * 17TPI on one side, 9TPI on the ot ... more info

Adjustable Saw Frame For Ring Sizing & Jewelry Repair. This is a new adjustable saw frame. This is used with piercing, flat and spiral saw blades. The serrated clamps hold the blade firmly in place. Strongly constructed with flat steel frame and a hardwoo ... more info

Ergonomically designed with a slip-resistant grip for maximum comfort and control, the Stanley Contractor Grade Clamping MiterBox features a simple angle adjustment and a quick, simple cam clamp to hold work for accurate and precise cuts. The included saw ... more info

German Style 3 Saw Frame Deluxe adjustable saw frame high quality for precision cutting Saw Blade Description • These are made to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth. • They are used for cutting metals and other hard materials. • The ... more info

The STHT20139L Stanley Rubber Grip Hacksaw features a robust all metal frame with a rubber grip handle and a large, comfortable tension knob. This saw accomodates a 12 fixed blade with a 4.375 cutting depth, and 225lbs blade tension. The adjustable blad ... more info

MINI HACK UTILITY HANDSAW Metal Mini Hack Utility Handsaw Cast Aluminum Handle Built For Durability Comfortable Handle Design Supplied With A High Performance 10 Bi-Metal Blade. ... more info

Blade can be adjusted to any angle, providing the best approach to your work. The tension is adjusted by means of turning the handle, and the saw frame accepts standard coping saw blades with pins. A quality tool that will last for many years. Made in Ger ... more info

18 Volt Slow Charge8 Oregon Chain and BarAutomatic Oiling of MotorAutomatic Bar and Chain OilingOil Level WindowPlastic Blade CoverRubber Over Molded Handle ... more info

The Snapon BAHCO 665 ergo carbide blade paint scraper features a two component handle that provides better grip and comfort during use. The scrapers are for use on all kinds of surfaces for removal of paint, glue, varnish, rust gaskets, chalk, grout and m ... more info

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