Top 20 Best Selling Handhelds & PDAs Cables (2021)

Take your connectivity to the next level--synchronize and recharge at the office and at home with a second Palm IIIc cradle. ... more info

Dell Original Sync Charge cable. Sturdy build with separate charging port that fits the AC adapter. ... more info

EMERSON UHF female to UHF female straight barrel adapter ... more info

Glooko's FDA 510(k) cleared system is changing diabetes management by breaking barriers in technology and building bridges between patients and providers. It starts with adding simplicity to keeping a logbook. With the Glooko mobile app and Glooko MeterS ... more info

Charge the Sony Clie TJ25 while synchronizing data with our unique Gomadic Hot Sync and Charge Straight USB cable. Cut loose the rest of the cords protruding from your PC to make this cable the hub of your mobile workstation and enjoy a minimalist workspa ... more info

Provide constant power to the HP iPAQ rx5915 / rx 5915 while simultaneously hot synching data with a PC by using our unique Coiled Hot Sync and Charge USB cable. Reduce the number of cables you carry around to power and sync your HP iPAQ rx5915 / rx 5915 ... more info

An original Casio c711 desktop charger for the Casio c711 Verizon Wireless devices. This Casio c711 desktop charger is an original Casio accessory. ... more info

PDA USB Sync/Charger/Data Cable for Palm TX, Not OEM. Auto Sync with computer in USB port and charge Palm TX PDA with same cable.Directly connects with USB port, need no extra power. Plug and play, need not software installation. ... more info

Compatible with our TipExchange Technology that enables utility with hundreds of mobile devices; the Rapid Car / Auto Charger can charge all of your mobile devices on your daily commute with only one cord. Custom designed to safely meet the needs of any n ... more info

IBRA庐-High Quality Head Rest Manufactured specifically for the iPad Mini Easy to use,Easily insert and remove your Apple iPad mini. Displays iPad mini in vertically or horizontally orientations. IBRA庐 Headrest Mount will allow you to easily remove your ta ... more info

Electrical Impedance: 50 ohm Pin Configuration Frequency Range: DC ~ 6GHz Insertion Loss: 0.2dB Max Voltage Rating: 500 Volts Peak ... more info

BoxWave's Wall Charger Direct is a travel charger that will safely rapid charge your AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G. ... more info

Start syncing your phone / PDA with a PC today through this premium quality data cable. With this 2 in 1 cable you can charge and transfer data simultaneously. The Palm Treo 700 Data Transfer Cable connects your cell phone to your PC/Laptop to access and ... more info

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