Top 20 Best Selling Handheld Filters Vacuum Filters (2022)

Compatible with the following models: CHV1400 Dustbuster,CHV1 Dustbuster,CHV1560 Dustbuster,CHV1600 Dustbuster,CHV9600 Dustbuster,AV1600B Type 1 12 Volt Car Vacuum,AV1600 Type 1 12 Volt Car Vacuum ... more info

Black & Decker Secondary Filter part VF100H. Fits 14.4V Dustbuster Model CHV1400, 9.6V Dustbuster CHV9600, 15.6V Dustbuster Model CHV1500, 16V Dustbuster Model CHV1600. STOCK ... more info

Compatible with the Following Models: DeWALT: D55170 Type 1,D55170 Type 2,D55170 Type 3,D55180 Type 1,D55180 Type 2,D55270 Type 1,D55270 Type 2,D55270 Type 3,D55271 Type 1,D55271 Type 2,D55271 Type 3,D55271 Type 4,D55273 Type 1,D55275 Type 1,D55275 Type 2 ... more info

Shop Vac foam filter fits most 3.5 to 5 gallon shop type vacuums. Contains 1 filter. ... more info

Genuine Sanitaire / Electrolux / Eureka S-Classic bags for Harmony and Oxygen and System Pro canisters. Contains 5 bags. ... more info

6 Qt. Backpack Bags, PK10 ... more info

Disposable Bags, Dry Pick Up, For Use With 4NFP4, Package Quantity 5 Nilfisk Backpack VacuumHEPA filter allows safe collection of hazardous materials (99.99% of particles at 0.3 microns). Includes sack filter, dust bag, tapered hose, curved plastic tube, ... more info

Cloth Pre-Filter Bag, Cloth, For Use With 30 and 55 Gallon Units ... more info

Cloth Bag For Commercial Upright Vacuum ... more info

Bag Assembly Of Resistors Used With Ser ... more info

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