Top 20 Best Selling Handbells Bells & Chimes (2021)

Consists of 8 notes: C’ to C”. The Diatonic Set allows more songs to be played and has been preferred over the pentatonic scale by most music educators and people more familiar with music. Our most popular set. ... more info

Pearl Educational Kits offer every percussion student a great start with superior components and easy transport features ... more info

High Quality Tibetan Large Handcrafted Solid 7 Metals Five Spokes Bell and Dorje set. Bell decorated with Embossed Tibetan Buddhist Dorji (Vajra) and Victory banner. Bell measures approximately 6 Tall and 3 Wide. Each Hand Crafted Bell (Thilbu) is made of ... more info

The dorje and bell are the primary ritual tools of tibetan buddhism. Always kept together they represent many layers of intricate symbolism and meaning and are used in almost all Tibetan ritual ceremony, chanting and magical operations. Primarily dorje an ... more info

Tibetan Tingshas are small Prayer Chimes used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Yoga Teachers, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Meditation Groups. They are traditionally used for ceremonial functions throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, India and, ... more info

This case makes storing and transporting of bells easier than ever. The heavy-duty nylon materials is very sturdy. This case hold 8 of the 8 note Diatonic Handbells by Kidsplay. Note: Handbells are not included. They are just shown in the picture for re ... more info

Easy to play handheld bump bells in gold with wooden handles. ... more info

Push the handle top and it's a desk bell. Pick it up and swing it, it's a hand bell. Top quality, durable construction and correct intonation make these bells an outstanding value. Each of the metal bells has note its name and number clearly marked. 5 tal ... more info

The MEINL Sleigh Bells ring rich and full for a true sleigh bell sound. A comfortable ergonomic grip assures dynamic control to easily change sound levels and rhythmic patterns. These colorful instruments work especially well in choral music, but will a ... more info

The Kids Play C-c, 13-note chromatic handbell set consists of the 8-note diatonic set and the chromatic add-on bell set. ... more info

The X8 Drums Djun Djun Bells are forged from heavy duty steel. Each bell has several different pitches depending on how it is struck. Sold as a set of 3. ... more info

Rhythm Band RB2155This is a top notch bell set at a price that won't bring tears to your eyes.This bells set features high-impact plastic tone chambers and aluminum alloy tone bars with accurate pitch. It is lightweight and durable and each note is stampe ... more info

The Rhythm Band bells are mounted in a various ways including handle and band. These bells may be shaken, attached to an ankle, or played in unison with other bells; excellent sounds for the classroom. ... more info

This handbell case makes storing and transporting bells easier than ever! The heavy-duty nylon material is virtually indestructible! ... more info

Tibetan tingshas are traditionally used for meditation, ritual ceremonies and as an elegant and powerful decorative element. The traditional meander scroll etching on this pair is a common decorative element throughout Tibetan art. And in addition to it's ... more info

8 Note Plastic Resonator Bells comes complete with its own plastic carrying case and 2 mallets. Brightly colored set, each note can be removed to be played on its own.......... ... more info

Kids Musical Hand Bell Set of 8 Notes HB-8. Hand Bell Set of 8 Notes. Introduce tonality and the one-octave scale with these colorful hand bells. Promote cooperation by having each child play one bell creating their own melody. Ideal for kids 2 and older. ... more info

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