Top 20 Best Selling Halva Candy & Chocolate (2021)

Hot Cocoa!Crispy Treats!S'Mores!Dandies!.... your Favorite! ... more info

Hazer Baba luxury turkish delight with pomegranate. This turkish delight is one of our best sellers. Sweet and soft, dusted in icing sugar. Absolutely delicious!! ... more info

Sesame Crunch from Joyva, the sweet combination of honey and sesame in a bite-sized bar. Individually wrapped for your convenience, sesame crunch bars are ready to go wherever you go. Perfect for Halloween, parties and promotions. ... more info

Chocolate Covered Jelly Rings by Joyva Each box contains approximately 165 loose pieces of chocolate covered Jelly rings. ... more info

Joyva Marble Halvah, 16-Ounce Cans 3), 16-ounce cans (total of 48-ounces)Made of crushed sesame seeds in a binder of honeyAddition of chocolate makes this halvah especially tantalizing ... more info

12 3.5 oz bars Kosher great for Passover ... more info

Joyva Halvah Marble Bars, 1.75-Ounce Bars (Pack of 36) ... more info

Suitable for Diabetics. Product of Turkey. ... more info

36 individually wrapped candy bars per box 1.75 Ounce Bars Kosher Parve ... more info

Joyva Marble Halvah is a confection made of crushed sesame seeds in a binder of honey. The addition of chocolate makes this halvah especially tantalizing. ... more info

Marble halvah sealed is an delicious sesame treat. Halvah is a Turkish confection. It is one of the world鈥檚 oldest candies. The earliest references date as far back as the year 3000 B.C. The word halvah means literally 'sweetmeat'. Also called halva, helv ... more info

Get to enjoy the age old sweetness of Chocolate Covered Halvah (36/1.75 oz bar) which gives you the ultimate delight of ingredients such as crushed sesame seeds, honey, almonds and dark chocolate. Your perfect handy help to keep sudden hunger prangs under ... more info

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