Top 20 Best Selling Hagen Reptile Heating (2021)

The Exo Terra Submersible Terrarium Heater maintains an ideal water temperature, around 78掳F, for aquatic turtles and most other aquatic reptiles and amphibians. The high-impact plastic casing and the stainless steel power cord protector keeps aquatic rep ... more info

The Exo Terra Reptile Heatwave Rock Electronic Heat Stone simulates a stone heated by the sun. Various reptiles, including nocturnal, use this form of conductive heat for thermoregulation which is important for metabolism and digestion. The Exo Terra Rept ... more info

The Exo Terra Heatwave Desert Terrarium Substrate Heater simulates the heated sands of the desert regions. The long hours of daylight, combined with the strength of the sun, can generate extremely hot surfaces. The substrate is usually dry, and the air hu ... more info

The Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp Ceramic Heat Emitter has a broader sun-like spectrum of infrared radiation than incandescent lighting and doesn't emit visible light. Radiant heat is the most important and natural source for heat regulation in reptiles. A pro ... more info

The Exo Terra Porcelain Clamp Lamp has a heat resistant porcelain socket designed to withstand up to 250 Watts. It is ideal for use with Heat Wave Lamps (ceramic heat emitters), Solar-Glo lamps (self-ballasted mercury vapor bulbs), and all types of regula ... more info

The Exo Terra Heatwave Rainforest Terrarium Substrate Heater simulates the heated forest floor of tropical areas. In tropical areas or rainforests the sun is often blocked by trees, and clear skies alternate with cloudy conditions. Because of its climatol ... more info

The Exo Terra Glow Light Porcelain Clamp Lamp gives you the versatility of placing heat and/or light sources on your terrarium where needed. The device is sturdily constructed, with a metal reflector, heat resistant ceramic socket, and a spring-loaded swi ... more info

The Exo Terra Heater Cable features double silicon insulation and allows you to provide heat right where necessary. It is best used underneath the Exo Terra Terrarium to heat specific spots on the terrarium floor or it can be used in breeder racks to heat ... more info

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