Top 20 Best Selling Grill Parts & Accessories Char-Broil (2021)

The Char-Broil 65-Inch Grill Cover fits most medium to large grills in the market. The cover is designed with heavy duty nylon lined vinyl material and is a great say to protect your grill from the elements and is a full length cover with nylon straps for ... more info

Take care of the grill that feeds you! Protect the sleek beauty of your Char-Broil grill from the forces of nature with a full-length luxury grill cover. This classic green-and-white cover adds some color to your outdoor environment, fitting over grills u ... more info

Take care of the grill that feeds you! Protect your investment from the elements - the Char-Broil Patio Caddie Grill Cover is custom designed to fit over Char-Broil's gas or electric style Patio Caddie, and it also fits well over similarly-sized vertical ... more info

Grill safely and cleanly, without that lighter-fluid taste, using the Sure Fire Electric Charcoal Starter wand from Char-Broil. Powered by a 120-volt, 500-watt electric heat element, the tool ignites charcoal without matches or lighter fluid. A sturdy pla ... more info

Char-Broil's Premium Electric Rotisserie is ideal for care-free cooking of roasts, hams, and poultry. It is designed to fit most 3 and 4 burner grills by mounting to the grill castings on either side of the grill. The rotisserie features an electric motor ... more info

Only works with certain models. Please consult your owners manual before attempting conversion. Improper use will void warranty and could be hazardous. ... more info

The Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box forces wood chips to smolder rather than flame. The chips smolder within The Cast Iron Box to add flavor with no mess. It can be used with gas, charcoal and electric grills. The wood chips are not included. ... more info

Built of reinforced gray rubber, this 4-foot connector hose is made for outdoor-grill propane tanks, and works well with either natural or liquid propane. A brass-toned connector valve rests at each end, while an air-lock system simplifies the task of cha ... more info

Char-Broil's Non-Stick Triple Fish Basket is ideal for cooking 3 whole fish. The basket itself measures 10-1/4 x 10-1/4 x 1/2. The lid has hinges which lock shut around the fish for easy cooking. It features a durable bamboo handle. ... more info

Charbroil deluxe tool kit that includes a Spatula, Two Pronged Fork and Tongs. ... more info

Charbroil's Chef's Delite Cooking Grid for any grill! ... more info

The Folding Chicken Roaster represents Char-Broil's contribution to cooking a great chicken on the grill. The folding and locking mechanism is great for securing and cooking the perfect beer can chicken. Furthermore, the ability to unlock and fold the c ... more info

The Char-Broil Chrome Basting Brush is a simple and inexpensive accessory for grilling. The Basting Brush features a sculptured hardwood handles, metal hand loop, and corrosion resistant rivet material. ... more info

The Char-Broil Cedar Planks are a proven success and a unique and fun step toward infusing flavor into your food. The planks themselves are made of premium western cedar and act as a natural baking sheet when used on the grill. Regardless of whether you ... more info

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