Top 20 Best Selling Grill Brushes & Accessories Charcoal Companion (2021)

Knock their lights out. Keep the bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays with the Light 'Em Up Amazing Bug Zapper . Four red LEDs light up when the button is pressed on the blue plastic frame. The handheld bug zapper is ... more info

The Charcoal Companion versatile Grill Station™ marinates, stores, chills and serves food and keeps accessories close at hand. The Grill Station™ includes four essential pieces in the set to keep raw and cooked food separate while grilling. One large tray ... more info

Triple Mini Burger Press from Charcoal Companion quickly presses three mini burgers at one time, same size every time. The Triple Burger Press is styled like burger buns - sesame seeds and all. Concentric rings in the presses help ensure even cooking with ... more info

Double Prong Coastal Skewers from Charcoal Companion have two prongs to prevent food from flipping around on the skewer as it cooks. Reusable, metal skewers are handy to have when kabobs are on the menu frequently. Stainless Steel prong with finely detail ... more info

Magnetic Flexible Mini Grill Light from Charcoal Companion firmly attaches to metal surfaces. The flexible wire stem allows the user to wrap the mini light around a grilling tool. Small enough to slip into a pocket for quick access. Battery operated porta ... more info

Let Charcoal Companion Pig Tablecloth Weights set the scene at your next picnic or barbecue. Pink Pigs brighten the table with a carefree touch of whimsy. Tablecloth Weights have stainless steel clips that hold tablecloth securely, preventing fly-always. ... more info

Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel Handle Basting Brush with Removable Silicone Head. Silicone Basting Head is heat-safe up to 550-degrees Fahrenheit. Loop on handle for easy storage. Dishwasher Safe. ... more info

Charcoal Companion heavy-gauge non-stick coated metal Bean and Sauce Pot holds 1 quart of sauce, beans or other side dishes. Pot is 3-inch deep, 6-inch diameter. ... more info

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