Top 20 Best Selling Golf Course GPS Units (2021) Reviews

These top rated Golf Course GPS Units are a golfer’s dream come true. Now with a click of a button, you gain absolute confidence of your exact distances; taking the guesswork out of the equation and allowing you to focus solely on your swing. Popular golf course gps units brands are uPro, Garmin, Golf Buddy, Golflogix, Bushnell, Skycaddie etc.

Looking to improve your course management skills? Turn to the uPro golf GPS system, which employs state-of-the-art GPS, aerial, and satellite technology to accurately render the details of thousands of golf courses. The uPro starts by providing the avid g ... more info

Give your game a boost of confidence with Garmin's Approach G5, a rugged, waterproof, touchscreen golf GPS packed with thousands of pre-loaded golf course maps. Approach uses a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to measure individual shot distances and show th ... more info

The GolfBuddy World Platinum is designed for use by the golfers of all skill levels. With its full function touch screen, users can point to anywhere on the course and attain distance to and from that point. The World Platinum presents a dynamic and sim ... more info

GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinders Pro $239.95; Tour $289.95! Each unit features the dynamic green view which changes the shape of the green, depending on your angle of approach. Target information is already preloaded, and the GolfBuddy features customizable tar ... more info

Distance to the front, center, and back and shot distance are delivered to the palm of your hand with the Yardage Pro XG Golf GPS device. Designed to make your game smarter for fewer strokes, the compact Yardage Pro unit stores up to 10 courses with hole- ... more info

The SG3.5 is part of the SkyCaddie family of products offering a large color LCD at a great value. ... more info

Enjoy the advantage of GPS mapping on the golf course with the GolfLogix GPS-8 handheld unit, which calculates and displays distances to the front, center and back of every green along with hazards. The most precise, durable and user-friendly golf GPS on ... more info

Garmin Approach G3 Touchscreen GPS Give your game a boost of confidence with Approach G3, a rugged, waterproof, touchscreen golf device packed with thousands of preloaded golf course maps. Approach uses a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to measure individua ... more info

Ideal for golfers who want top-of-the-line GPS assistance on the links, the SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS is integrated with the very best Swiss engineering to provide unmatched reliability. It features, a large color display with automatic backlighting to ensur ... more info

Golf is a game of precision, so why depend on ballpark guesses when estimating the distance to the green? Enter the Izzo Swami 1500, a fully featured golf GPS unit that offers everything you need to approach the pin with confidence. Powered by the latest ... more info

The smallest, most compact, golf GPS unit available is also one of the simplest and easiest to use. The neo+ is pre-loaded with over 16,000 North American golf courses. It provides quick, accurate distance to the front, center & back of the green, as well ... more info

Keep the uPro securely attached to your belt. With this lightweight belt clip you can keep the uPro at your side at all times. The compact design won't interfere with your golf swing. ... more info

Keep your uPro looking like new! This soft padded case is the perfect way to store your uPro in a golf bag or any other convenient spot when you're not using your uPro! ... more info

SkyGolf SkyCaddie Belt Clip for All SkyCaddie Mode: Securely fasten the SkyCaddie onto your belt and carry it with you anywhere on the golf course using this durable, high-grade plastic belt clip ... more info

For the ultimate in convenience and reliability, the SkyCaddie SGX can store up to 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified course maps making it ready-to-play out of the box with Basic Green information. The SGX boasts a durable, sleek design with a large 3-in ... more info

SkyGolf SGX GPS The SkyGolf SGX GPS is more than the next generation rangefinder. It comes with new design, complete with a new brilliant color display. This durable, sleek design has a large 3 screen with high resolution and a transf ... more info

A Multi-Function GPS System! The Garmin S1 GPS watch is not only a comprehensive sport wristwatch with advanced functions, but also a GPS unit that provides thorough distance measurements on the course. Be the first to display the first and only golf GPS ... more info

This durable, water-resistant hard case provides easy storage of either the Callaway uPro or Callaway uPro Go and an extra battery, and protects the device when not in use. The interior is vacuum-formed and velour-lined for a perfect fit. ... more info

The uPro is durable without any help. However, this lightweight cover helps protect the uPro from aggressive play and extreme weather. The clear cover is light and fits tightly to the uPro to maintain its small size. ... more info

SkyGolf SG5 Leather Case Protect your SkyCaddie from normal wear-and-tear with this attractive premium leather holster. Holster is not waterproof. ... more info

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