Top 20 Best Selling Golf Club Parts Shafts (2019)

Golfsmith Shafting Beads (4 oz.): Make sure your shafts are straight with these Golfsmith Shafting Beads. Tiny glass oxide granules (.0021 diameter) are mixed with shafting epoxy to ensure an adequate epoxy cushion between the shaft and hosel wall which e ... more info

Clubmaker Shafting Epoxy - 1/2 Pint Black This tour-tested formula works on virtually any shaft material. Also tightens and bonds inserts and soleplates-or whenever two separate parts need to be bonded together. Features: Lap shear strength of 2850 psi Br ... more info

Originally made for PGA Tour players who like a softer feel in their scoring irons, the Rifle Spinner is a scoring wedge shaft designed for sand, lob and gap wedges. ... more info

The KBS TOUR is Kim Braly's signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory. Incorporating unique KBS technology, the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control. The KBS TOUR offers a smooth, respon ... more info

Universal Shaft Extender (Pkg of 6) Our versatile shaft extender (shaft plug) lengthens virtually any golf club on the market. Simply add epoxy, slide the extender into the shaft butt, allow the epoxy to cure and cut to length. Features: Fits all steel an ... more info

Golfsmith Shafting Epoxy with Shafting Beads This epoxy combines the super strong bonding power Golfsmith epoxies are known for with shaft aligning beads in a convenient syringe. Aligning beads ensure a straight and centered shaft installation every time ... more info

Golfsmith Black Iron Ferrule Dozen: Ferrules are required on metal clubheads with flat-topped (non-radiused) hosels to provide the taper and enhance the appearance of the club. Many Golfsmith ferrules have outside diameters that closely match those of our ... more info

Rubber Vise Clamp Solid rubber vise clamp secures shafts without damaging the chrome or graphite - essential for many reshafting procedures as well as regripping and innumerable other club repairs. For use with the Clubmaker Multi Purpose Bench Vise (#245 ... more info

New Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 65 regular flex shaft with a Titleist shaft tip. This shaft features a high launch with 2.8 degrees of torque. The tip size is .335. The shaft comes PRE-INSTALLED with the Titleist 910/913 shaft adapter (as pictured) and a sta ... more info

Golfsmith 1 x 75 Lead Tape: A versatile lead tape from Golfsmith with a full 1 width that allows for faster and easier application for swingweighting, especially in putter cavities and cavity back irons. Cuts easily with tin snips or scissors and can be s ... more info

ProLaunch Red is launch-monitor-tuned to produce a boring, penetrating ball flight. It is a great shaft choice for stronger swingers who want to keep their ball flight low. ... more info

The HUMP features an enhanced tip section which offers tip stability on all shots for improved distance and accuracy. ... more info

Retails for $199.99 New AccuFLEX PRO LD 50 INCH SUPER LONG Golf Shaft The Winningest Shaft in Long Drive History. The 50 ACCUFLEX Pro LD is one of the lightest shafts in Long Drive that has unbelievable kick. A2 Technology Winner of Six World Long Driv ... more info

The Tour AD DI (DEEP IMPACT) Hybrid shaft is the newest addition to the successful, high performance Tour AD DI series.The Tour AD DI Hybrid is designed with the same performance characteristics as the Tour AD DI shafts. The low torque and a high kick ben ... more info

Tour Lock Pro 100 Gram Weight Obviously, there have been lots of advances in club technology in the past 25 years. One of the most recent is strategic weight placement, and studies show that when the proper weight is utilized in the grip, overall performa ... more info

Brand New Graphite Design Tour AD MT 6 Shaft with Titleist Tour sleeve adapter and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360* grip installed for use with Titleist 910 or 913 D2 and D3 Drivers. Shaft will be set to play at the standard finished length of 45 inches. Shaft ... more info

New Aldila NVS 65 stiff flex shaft with a Titleist shaft tip. This shaft features a mid launch with 3.6 degrees of torque. The tip size is .335. The shaft comes PRE-INSTALLED (at no additional charge to you) with the Titleist 910/913 shaft adapter (as pic ... more info

Golfsmith 5-Gram Stick-On Lead Swing Weights The Golfsmith 5-Gram Stick-On Lead Swing Weights are used to make adjustments to the swing weight of golf clubs and alter ball flight trajectory characteristics. The stick-on, lead, swingweight adjustment patch ... more info

NEW Project X 95 Flighted Shafts Brand: Project X Model: Project X 95 Flighted Set: 3-PW Flex: 6.5 Size: .355 Condition: NEW! ... more info

Shaft Extenders fit into the butt of the existing shaft and underneath the grip to extend club length. These aluminum shaft extenders (with 0.560 stem) can be cut in half to extend two clubs. Affordable and all-purpose. ... more info

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