Top 20 Best Selling Goalkeeper Equipment Catchers (2021)

Mission Commander Senior Hockey Goalie Catcher Ultra-lightweight constructionCompact, game-ready break-in designPre-curved palm constructionDeep single-t pocketUnique inner hand bridge for optimal fit and control of gloveFlex armour full motion backhand d ... more info

Our Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GB 1400 Goalie Blocker features the AEGIS Shield technology. It has an ACD vented pro-flex multi-directional cuff, synthetic leather block face and reinforcements. Light weight high-density Shok-Sorb; foam block pad that is ... more info

Tour Goalie Catchers - Tour 102 Fireman Black with Flames Goalie Catch Mitt Youth - Item: G102YF ... more info

Brian's brings the insanely popular G-NETiK glove to the masses with the new 5.0 catch glove for 2014. Though the glove is made internationally to bring costs down, 90% of the materials sourced for construction are equal to or the same as those found on t ... more info

* Easy closure * Lightweight and well-balanced * Hand and wrist adjustment straps * Wide, deep T pocket * Flared cuff * Opens fully for drying * Standard (flat) synthetic leather * Glove Perimeter: Junior - 39, Youth- 37 * Cuff Measurements: Junior - 6.5 ... more info

Warrior Ritual Junior Trapper features junior specific sizing and construction. ... more info

Warrior Ritual Trapper features a cuff wedge, segmented back hand pad, three point internal strapping system and double T pocket. ... more info

Our Franklin Sports SX Street Extreme Pro GC 1300 Goalie Catch Glove features the AEGIS Microbe Shield庐 antimicrobial technology. It has an ACD vented pro-flex multi-directional split cuff, hand-formed RTP synthetic leather pocket and plastic reinforced g ... more info

The Reebok 2K Goalie Catcher is designed with a large face for excellent coverage and a larger blocking area. Synthetic leather in the face of the 2k and screen printed graphics make this a great looking glove. A deep pocket design allows you to have bett ... more info

The new Vaughn VP 7460 ADULT Chest and Arm protector is a much updated version of the 7450 unit from 2011. The new 7460 shares many of the same features as the new 7800 Pro model but in a slimmed down version. It is great for the goalie who wants great pr ... more info

Warrior Ritual Youth Hockey Goalie Catcher - 2012 Single T pocketNew youth-specific constructionNew revised sizingNew easy internal backhand strapping ... more info

The Supreme One70 catch glove is a butterfly style glove made for maximum net coverage and rebound control. It fits and feels much like the Supreme One60 catch glove, with a few key differences to help maximize performance. The most noticable difference i ... more info

All new for 2013 is the CCM Extreme Flex 400 Catch Glove. The E-Flex is more of a catching glove than previous Lefebvre designed gloves. The pocket size has been increased from the Reebok Premier 4 580 and 590 model catchers. The cuff box size has been re ... more info

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