Top 20 Best Selling Glue Guns & Sticks (2021)

Mini high temperature glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral and do it yourself projects. Use high temperature for better bonding to metals, plastics and ceramic. Uses 4-Inch or 10-Inch glue sticks with 5/16-Inch diameter. Plug in cord for power and unplu ... more info

Surebonder all-temperature hot melt adhesive works at either low temperature (230 degrees F) or high temperature (380 degrees F) for everyday gluing projects. Use with high or low temperature glue guns. Bonds to metal, wood, paper, fabric, magnets, cerami ... more info

Elmer's Products, Inc. is a company rich in history and tradition. Since the 1940's the Elmer's family of products has developed to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. They range from a full line of adhesives, arts, crafts, and educational products ... more info

Glue Stic Permanent adhesive securely fastens paper, cardboard, photographs, and more Great for school projects, crafting and scrapbooking Adhesive washes easily out of clothing Permanent Glue Stic Permanent adhesive for paper, cardboard, pho ... more info

Perfect starter kit for your craft and DIY projects. This kit comes with a Mini Dual Temperature Glue Gun and 12 each MADE IN THE USA 4 Mini All Purpose Glue Sticks. High temperature settings are best for wood, plastic, metals, ceramics. Low temperature s ... more info

*Surebonder Professional High Temp 2 Heater Glue Gun*Surebonder Professional High Temperature Glue Gun comes with 80 watts of heating power. The ergonomic long trigger requires less effort. Complete with removable wire stand. Interchangeable noz.zles avai ... more info

The PRO2-100 Industrial high temperature glue gun delivers approximately 2.5-Pounds of glue per hour with 100-Watt of heating power. Features solid state PTC (positive temperature control) heaters. Ergonomic design long trigger for less effort. Insulated ... more info

High Temperature Best is the best solution for bonding to difficult to bond surfaces. Clear color. 7/16-Inch diameter by 4-Inch length. 12 sticks per bag. ... more info

All Purpose Stik All Temperature Reg Glue Sticks 20 lb Box approx. 90 - 10 Length ... more info

This glue gun is 60 watts has an on/off switch indicator light flip down stand 8 foot cord insulated ball check nozzle lever handle trigger and exclusive lay on side feature. Use with 7/16 glue sticks. ... more info

Mini Low Temp Glue Gun. This strong bonding mini hand-sized glue gun was created for those small craft and home repair projects that don't require a lot of time or glue and this handy little gun was built to stand on its own! This gun is low temperature f ... more info

100 mini round glue sticks. All purpose glue for low high and dual temperature glue guns. For all your creative home decor and repair projects. Size: 4x.28. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. ... more info

Hot Melt 2 Temp Cordless Glue Gun. Needle nozzle for precision gluing. Use any Full size glue stick. High temp for wood metal and glass. Low temp for foam lace and fabric. Removable cord. 40 watts. CAUTION: Melted glue will burn skin. Keep away from child ... more info

Glue Gun Mini 20W Hot Melt Electric 110 / 220V 25 Glue Sticks New ... more info

Full size low temperature glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral and do it yourself projects. Use low temperature for bonding delicate material such as lace, foil ribbon, floral form and lightweight fabric. Uses 4-Inch or 10-Inch glue sticks with 7/16-Inc ... more info

A dimensional adhesive that dries to a clear glass-like finish. It securely holds vellum glass beads glitter and many other mediums. Diamond Glaze is also mixable with dye-based inks watercolors pearlescent pigments and more. ... more info

The Cool Shot features a super low temperature that makes it safer for kids to use than low temperature glue guns. The Cool Shot features an ergonomic handle and glue that dispenses quickly and dries in seconds. Use only Cool Shot Mini Glue Sticks. ... more info

Pam Fastening Technology has introduced a new hot melt adhesive, UX8012 that when used in PAM's HB220 hot melt glue gun can easily create a high strength bond between carpet tack strips or metal clips and finished concrete, fiber cement backer board, or w ... more info

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