Top 20 Best Selling Geometry Sets (2021)

NewPath Learning mastering math visual learning guides set. Use visual learning methods to improve student performance. Collection consists of 10 laminated, write-on/wipe-off guides. Each 17-inches length by 11-inches width guide covers a different topic ... more info

This is a combination tool or drawing tools to draw some pictures.It is consist of 16 colleges set plotter, zipper package specifically for students.Really a very convenient mechanical drawing instruments for you! ... more info

Compass has a built in locking mechanism for accurate and repeatable circles and a safety point to protect against injury. The 6 / 15cm protractor is shatter resistant and comes with a centering hole, and a 6 ruler. ... more info

Plastic with centimeter markings, this drawing ruler set is great for students, designers, artists, etc.Lightweight, durable plastic with highly craftwork finish that can also be used as a template for drawing circles, sun, flowers, number, moon, star, cl ... more info

Kit includes thirty 11 x 11 pin geoboards with rubber bands and a FREE Overhead 11 x 11 pin geoboard in a convenient plastic tote. (Virtual geoboard not available in 11x11 pin) ... more info

Students will discover what happens as they use the same length legs versus different length legs to build various polygons. As they attach additional legs, students study polygon heights, calculate area, find center points, and much more! When any two An ... more info

The fashion designer's carryall includes the following products: 11-124 24 Curve Stick, 12-112R 12 Modified Vary Form Curve, 12-124 24 Vary Form Curve, 14-102 12 x 2 Cuff Width Rule, 14-500 Book: A Guide to Patternmaking, 23-112 12 Center-Finding Rule, ... more info

Get all the measuring and drafting tools you need in one place. And keep them in one place with this compactly packed tin box that contains a Maped Study compass with universal holder for any width pencil, and another Study compass with built in mechanic ... more info

AngLegs Plus are easy-to-manipulate, adjustable (25 cm closed, 50 cm fully expanded) strips that can be snapped together. The legs slide open to the various lengths. They can be used to investigate properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, angles in parall ... more info

Simple but functional color-coded plastic rods and multi-pronged plastic connectors let your student create basic polyhedrons, structures in solid geometry, or advanced three-dimensional geometric designs. Comes with an instruction sheet ... more info

Helix Quick Release Compass Sets - Professional quality packaged in a hard shell plastic case. For circles up to 12 in diameter. Friction compass expands and contracts with push pull action. Center screw adds precision. Includes spare 2mm leads. ... more info

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