Top 20 Best Selling Geography Software (2021)

Carmen Sandiego is up to her thieving hijinks again and has stolen the valuable The Travels of Marco Polo book! Help Acme agents Hawkins and Jules track her down by following mysterious clues to countries all over the world. While tCarmen Sandiego is up t ... more info

20th Century Day by Day/Chronicle Encyclopedia of History Bundle. Ultimate Millennium Collection. ... more info

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? challenges kids' knowledge of geography, history and other subjects while taking on a trip around the world. Help the detectives chase down the famous thief! ... more info

Oregon Trail II is an educational video game released by MECC in 1996. It was published by SoftKey Multimedia. It is a revised version of the original Oregon Trail computer game. Oregon Trail II includes far more detail than the original. For instance, ... more info

Get packed! You're needed for a secret mission. And you'll track down clues from coast to coast to solve the mystery. Along the way, you'll relive the rich history of the East Coast. Whoop it up in the rollicking Midwest. Or explore the vast mountain rang ... more info

Finding out about history has never been so much fun! Take an unforgettable trip to 8 exciting periods of the past, from Ancient Egypt to a 1920s city. ... more info

Journey into Uncharted Rainforests on an ExtraordinaryQuestProduct InformationAmazon Trail II takes you deeper into the rainforest...Your adventures begin with a mysterious incident at the Museum of AncientArt. Before you know it you're headed up the Amaz ... more info

Mystery! Adventure! Geography! (Plus, history, culture, capitals and more!) Get packed! You鈥檙e needed to deliver an important secret package. And you鈥檒l track down clues from coast to coast to solve the mystery. Along the way, you鈥檒l relive the rich histo ... more info

STUDENT HOME LEARNING SYSTEM, is the most comprehensive and cost-effective system ever released for home education, comprising 200 educational software titles, 20 hours of DVD video, over 200 hours of audio books, a total of over 20,000 lessons, activitie ... more info

Face the perils of the uncharted rainforest as you journey to the mighty amazon river. You will need to choose your guide wisely and manage your supplies carefully if you want to survive. ... more info

The time to ignite your child's interest in history is right now, while the window of opportunity is wide open. Child development research indicates that children are most receptive to learning at a young age. JumpStart's early learning products take adva ... more info

20th Century Day by Day brings the entire scope of this amazing era to your computer! Find out about the events that shook the world - and the people that made them happen. Experience All 36,525 Days of the Most Incredible Century! ... more info

Develop skills. Improve grades. Build confidence. ACHIEVE! ACHIEVE! Writing & Language Arts is a great tool to help children achieve their personal best! This collection of award-winning software titles is designed to improve grades and skills in s ... more info

BRAND NEW SHIPS IN ECO-FRIENDLY WHITE PAPER SLEEVE. Over 10 years in business - huge software selection, excellent customer service! Windows 98/2000/ME/XP ... more info

USA Explorer provides mystery and entertainment along with an in-depth geography lesson. You'll track down clues from coast to coast as you try to deliver an important secret package. Throughout your travels, you'll learn about the history, customs, and c ... more info

Blaze the Oregon Trail like never before! Optimized for DVD-ROM, this new version of the best-selling classic now features improved full-motion video, super 3d graphics, and superior digital sound. ... more info

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